DR WHO Draconian Spacecraft models


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Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd share this project with you. A chap called Hilton Fitzsimmons is building a huge hull section and leg for a landing forced perspective shot for a film production I'm working on plus a smaller studio scale full ship for wider shots. Heres the pics!

What do you think?


The NEW series is due out about Easter time in the UK.

These Models are actually for the Video segments to be screened at the TRIAL OF DAVROS production in July 2005. Terry Molloy the guy who played the original Davros is starring in it along with a host of other TV stars from the series. Its to raise money for charity.

The video segments themselves are to be used as clips to illustrate the evil Daleks can do as a method by the Timelords to dam Davros for creating these terrible creatures. He, of course, has his own segments to show how other races like the Cybermen and Sontarans are equally as bad.

Cheers... Mind you I didn't build these, they're by a guy called Hilton who's building them for a film project.

I'll post pics of the models in use just as soon as I get them.


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