Done / Completed DONE


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No mate, I'll offer only the cover.
So if anyone want to start his personal BoS can do it with this cover ;)


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Great Job on the Cover Pasquale :thumbsup Congratulation :)

Realy like the presidents-seal :)

Think everybody will be happy with it!


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Got my cover in mail today. Looks and feels wonderful. Now my book I am making has a nice cover. Thanks Sarednab.
image.jpg image.jpg
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Hey ya'll, I am trying to buy a blank book for my cover.. does anyone know the size of the pages? is it a custom sized book in the inside or can I get a blank bound sketchbook with laid pages?
thanks in advance


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I'm sorry for kicking this old thread, but I just had a question: Did any of the buyers of this new cover, ever tried it with one of the Book of Secrets from Sarednab's original run? I recently had the chance to buy Heyjude7's cover, but it seems to be to small to hold the Book of Secerts (the limited edition) I have. The cover should at least be 1 cm bigger to hold the book.


Little additional question: somebody has an idea where to find a blank book to fit into these cover? (a book with blank pages and the correct size)
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