Does anyone know what happen to the Chris Evans lifecast bust?


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Hi, Guys,
There was a int thread in the Junkyard for a Chris Evans (Capt America)
life cast bust a while back.
Now i can't seem to find anything about it.
It was perfect for a sculpting armature.
23" size head, partial shoulder...
Here are the pics i saved.
View attachment 70106

View attachment 70107
Any info would be great.


Donnie Darko

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I can't be of help, but I too was interested in getting this as well as a casting of the screen used Cap Cowl, but the thread seemed to vanish?

Hopefully someone will see this bump and can shed more light..

Dr Know

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One has to be careful with such items...
The technicians and the company involved in the original cast, can get sued very easily over such things...
Part of the original contract usually has information dealing with such things..
As in "no copies" to the public... lack of usage towards other productions.. And likeness control it's usage towards collectors and forums such as these.
Productions have people on payroll looking for such things as well...
The Chris Evens cast was from the Original C.A....
I believe for Avengers, Chris was scanned and his head was output... The details will direct someone to the door of the company... Then the search is on... Who took a casting, or re-molded the head?
Impossible to stop from happening at times, but not impossible to lay blame... And to come with some serious repercussions...
Careful... They are watching you...


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That makes sense. However that laser scanned Arnold has been around forever. Passed around like a used Ho.
Thanks for answering my question


Too Much Garlic

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I see it as like the difference between LFL and Disney. LFL is more lax with enforcing, while Disney will step on you, grind you under the boot heel, stomp on you, burn you, crunch you, skin you, peel you, shoot you to Mars through an undersized cannon. Clearly... this one was enforced and could bring serious consequences, whereas other similar objects from other companies didn't even raise an eyebrow.

Long live the hobby.

Dr Know

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Yep... The Hammer has known to be thrown down on these things... Kind of makes the "obtaining one" more fun... With the added risk.

Sometimes , it comes down to whether it was used for the film? Or not...
Some scans and casts that leak out... If they were not used "for" the production, the "grey" area is more valid.

I have friends that collect old casts... And know their ways around the loop holes of pursuit... One must be careful with the openness of these collectibles..

I do think that the scans, or cleaned up scans.. Are a bit easier to come by. They didn't come off of the actors face, or body...
But nothing beats the real thing...
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