Christopher Reeve Bust from The Art Department


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Hi everyone. I am certain many of you have seen this particular bust online. But, for those of you who haven't - I wanted to give an honest review of the work carried out by The Art Department Studios. This is an amazing piece of work which I purchased in 2022. I still admire it every day and when I see the most recent disaster with the "Sideshow Collectables" figure - I want people to be aware that there are other options out there. I just want to recommend this company because their work is insane (although expensive). They carry a large variety of busts and figures and if you're interested in spoiling yourself, I highly recommend them. The likeness is amazing, details are perfect and I am one very happy Christopher Reeve fan. Looks brilliant in my Superman room and everyone admires it. I hope some of you find this interesting.


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