doctor who screwdriver mod


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hi, can anyone help in regards to how best to paint a 9th/10th screwdriver? (chrome bits)

+ advice/help on making it a charger ( allow for the batteries in it to power a USB end in the cap pen bit. Or advice on attaching a port off this: Emergency Phone Charger | IWOOT)

I understand that my request of help is odd, but any advice would be grateful.

also things I have: a soldering that might work
(the tip looks cracked, like magma?)

-power drill

-hot glue

-patience and common scene (novice at soldering thought)

-big pile (3x1x1 feet volume) of electronic bits and bobs

-paint tape

-old 9th doctor screwdriver from 2005 (just found it+ want to cosplay at the "london comic con in 2012", get stuff together)
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