Doc's victorian opera cape from Tombstone


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Hey all. I know there is a lot of talent here so I'm sure you can help me out. I've been working on a Doc Holliday costume from Tombstone. For costume variety I have picked up a Victorian style opera cape very similar to the one he is wearing just before the shootout at the OK Coral. This on is a little short on the sleeves and on the length. I'd like to find someone that can take the cape, disassemble it if needed, make a pattern, modify it to fit my needs and sew one together to better fit me. What I need is about 4"-6" longer on the top cape (at my wrists) , and about 10"-12" longer on the length (at my ankles). I'd also like to see it be made from wool (or a wool look) and have the correct 6 closures, this one has 3. I'd be happy to send it to someone that can do this for me. Let me know if you think you can and we'll work something out as far as cost goes. I will gather photos and screen shots to help with the construction. I'd also allow you to retain a copy of the pattern for future use in selling these.

If interested, please PM me.