Thinning latex mask paints properly


New Member
I use a paasche h with night shades paints, and i thin to about the consistency of skim milk, just like when painting miniatures with acrylic, should I thin more than this? as when i airbrush after a few minutes i have to keep opening and closing the paint flow to get a consistent stream of paint, am I doing something wrong how and what should i be thinning with (currently using distilled water) I am painting latex masks
Clogs are pretty par for the course when it comes to latex paint unfortunately. What I do is use a larger cheap HVLP gun to spray the base coat and then switch to acrylics for detailing. I’ve had crackling issues when over thinning the nightshades so be careful of that. It seems like more water makes the paint shrink more, hence the crackling.

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