Do resin Graflexes exist?


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The reason I ask is that I just got a new job, and new job means new office...better office...and I'd like to display my favorite, iconic piece.

Now, the problem: it's a high school, which means the office is not (and will never be) secure, so I won't bring any real prop there for display.

I was wondering if a resin copy of the Graflex exists.

I've never seen one.

Have y'all?



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I used to see them pop up on ebay awhile ago (if my memory serves me correct). I will check my ebay favorites tonight and see if I have the seller saved. If I do, I will post the info.

Take care,

Tom P.


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Our Industrial friends up north did the best ones but sadly no longer make them.


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I threw a Graflex in resin a while back, when I wanted to play "chop the Graflex" but didn't want to kill real ones :)

I think I can set you up with Graflex copies in an inexpensive fashion, should you still be looking for one.



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Funny enough, i think it was Wakal i bought mine from... how could i forget that? (easily, apparently)

I highly recomend it, mine is reallllllly nice.