Displaying your fx sabers ?????????


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since theres all the fx sabers talk :)
do you guys store/display your fx sabers with the batteries in it? or out?
I am displaying them with the batteries in ever since i got them, but i've seen how batteries explode or get all wet and acidic like, inside a device like a cd player before.
what do you guys think?


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I keep the batteries in, because everyday I pick up and turn on one or more of them at least once.


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It really does depend on how often you use them. If the sabers are sitting un-used for weeks at a time, then take the batteries out. If you are playing with the sabers on a weekly or daily basis, go ahead and leave the batteries in. You'll kill them and have to put in fresh batteries long before they will explode.
I leave my batteries in and pull them out about once per week. Even if they haven't died, I try to swap out the batteries every 6 to 9 months, with the hope that I get to them before they leak. I've had my ANH Vader for a few years now and haven't had any problems yet.