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I have a blaster I made and I want to give it to my nephew for his birthday. I also wanted to make a simple but elegant display stand for it. Now, I've seen the ones over on the BBC, made from a wooden base, and the PVC pipe. Nice option. Before I start on that design, any ideas for others?


Now, I also need a rack for stormtrooper blasters. Any ideas on a wall mount that could hold say, 6 blasters?

Thanks for any ideas.



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I've always been partial to the clear plastic used in the Master Replicas display stands. I intend to try to replicate the look with either plexiglass or clear acrylic "braces" installed into a painted wooden base.


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It would be rugged looking, but I think the floor grating as a base (much like Aliens displays) would look cool on a trooper blaster. Without the acid eaten Alien look of course......LOL. I wanna say I saw someone's display of that sort somewhere but I can't remember if it was here or another board. It looked pretty darned good though. :)


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For the wall mount, I think a background of a lighted Death Star panel with some simple hooks would be sweet. But that's just me.



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Originally posted by StefTrooper@Jan 11 2006, 08:42 PM
I realize that this isn't an imperial blaster, but how about something like this style?


I like the Aliens ICON floor grating idea too. Tommin from M41a.com had a tutorial on making a similar design for a Pulse Rifle using a ceiling lamp tile.

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Originally posted by Gigatron@Jan 11 2006, 09:58 PM
For the wall mount, I think a background of a lighted Death Star panel with some simple hooks would be sweet.  But that's just me.

I have been thinking about building a wall mounted light alcove, similiar to the ones in the Death Star conference room but smaller, and long instead of tall, and with a lamp illuminating it from above.
That would not be "simple and elegant" though. ;)


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Here is the BBC's version:


and Tommin's version:
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