Disney (style) Nautilus Interior (backdrop/set)


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To better represent my Crew, Vulcania Volunteers - at Conventions & Sci-Fi / Goff - Nautilus related presentations, I built this 3 panel ( Disney / Goff ) Nautilus themed Set as a backdrop display & for photo-opps
...just add SteamPunks.

In the off season it will be set up in my cabin.
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Hey! - whoever
(that name is familiar but I can't place the face)

Print 1 of 5 was the complete Nautilus Exterior(s) (IMO: 111% faithful to the 11 ft. Hero except for the convoluted rivet patterns which were different on either side).

What you asked about:
Prints 2 thru 5 (maybe 6) represent the Interior -

David is wrapping up most of the preliminary work, - making it all fit & keeping it real, as if she were a functioning Vessel of that era, ...but getting all the Ballast works, cabins & passage ways integrated with the room next door or the deck overhead or underfoot takes some doin'! This part of Mr. McCamant's endeavor is already over 4 years in the making, with well over 1500 hrs. logged.

Re: updates / when?:
I don't know.
Test assembly of the Nautilus Bulkhead set...
to assess lighting requirements & gauge how much weathering to add

test shot to see what the set looks like when populated
Iconic set pieces from an Iconic Movie.

Funny thing is the last 2 days I spent re-watching the Movie and special features.

Walt almost went broke but boy did he ever make one for the ages!
The finished Set!

And 2 pics of my Nautilus Bulkhead 'in action' at SteamCon III.
Renowned munitions expert & weapons historian Gordon Frye & wife, Nancy.

The gentleman/author who coined the phrase 'steampunk, K. W. Jeter
with NW SteamCon founder Diana Vick.
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