Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry - Charger Glory

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by PHArchivist, May 4, 2015.

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    Years ago found a Tamiya paint that was a close match to the DMCL Charger, and picked it up with the intent of someday converting another 1:18 scale Charger into the DMCL picture car.

    Lo, it has finally been released as a licensed item.

    What to do with the great color of paint...?

    Had an extra General Lee kit for some reason or another, and had all but the interior bucket and dash. So I threw it together.

    Took a mid-level approach to this. What I mean is this: I struggle with 1:24 car models because - unlike a weathered studio scale space craft - the cars have to be clean and perfect, and they's small - s-m-all...! Means I typically don't have the patience or skill or both to do a show-quality model, unless I really try my best.

    For this, I spent a bit more time on the finish, since the paint is what brought me to the project, but overall quality is average. Its not perfect. It was cobbled together from spart parts. It lacks an interior. The wheels and tires came from an old '70s kit some of you foggies may remember call Vandal. The rear tires a tad over sized (look closer to drag slicks than the simply larger sized rears on the movie car).

    But overall I'm happy with it, and it was a fun little build matching the 1:18 car, down to the license plate.








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    It doesn't look too bad. Looks like you've got a nice collection there. Going to do more famous chargers or other cars?

    it's a bit greener than the diecast, which is the same problem i had when i made mine. I'd like to repaint it closer to the correct dodge color (Citron Yella) which needs to be nearly yellow. There's usually a debate between 'it's yellow' and 'it's green'. I actually prefer 1/24 scale myself, as i prefer to build them (rather than just buy a diecast and stick it on the shelf). I made mine from the much better Revell kit (more detail than the Dukes of Hazzard kit from AMT).
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    Excellent job on it. You definitely caught the look of the vehicle very well. :D

    I have to ask: where'd you get those ties and rims from?
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    Glad you brought up the paint...

    The rattle can was Tamiya Flourescent Yellow, which does have a touch of green in it. Its also a moderately translucent color - takes lots of coats to get a solid coverage. I sprayed it over grey primer, and the net result was the more green tint you see here. On a spare 1:24 body I tested with a rich solid yellow undercoat, and applied a few coats of the Tamiya over that. Looks (understandably) far more yellow, but with enough coats of the Tamiya, you can bring the green out a bit.

    Honestly, in my mind's eye (and per my screen caps), the picture car was somewhere between my two models. I personally think the 1:18 model is too yellow, but agree that my 1:24 finish is a tad too green.

    Incidentally, as you may have gathered from my images, I prefer both scales, and as much as is reasonable duplicate the subject in both sizes.

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    Now that I've "publicized" this model, I'm already looking at some small improvements...

    The silver trim at the base of the rear quarter panels is wider than it is on the 1:18 car. Going to redo that with skinnier, chrome tape.

    The "440" was an after thought, and was a home-made sticker. It needs to be an RCH larger, needs to be brighter, and needs a sticker material that is not as thick. I have some ideas on how to address these issues.

    Mad at myself for the front wheels and tires; they stick out a millimeter or two too far. I did not have the original suspension parts, so I jury-rigged a custom aluminum tube axle, which is now super-glued in place. Yanking it out will get nasty, but the stance bugs me. If I can get the axle out without effing up the entire car, I'll shorten it about 3mm - 4mm.
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    Man, that looks sharp!!!
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    I've never heard of this flick but I'm totally gonna check it out!
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    You could get a scale train engine and turn the interiorless one into the last scene of the movie :D
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    Just watched it on Netflix!!!!

    It's amazing how forgiving I am if I love the car.

    That movie had just about every overused 70's cop trope in the book
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    Classic 70's, a little crude and rough around the edges, and basically just a long car chase. Are you old enough to have watched The Fall Guy back in the 80's? Final crash was used in it's opening credits.

    Film is also somewhat significant as one of the later roles of Vic Morrow before The Twilight Zone movie disaster.
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    THAT'S how I know that shot!!!

    I was a total fall guy kid.

    Having grown up on the dukes, Knight rider and the fall guy made this movie feel more like a TV show than anything. But now I know where all those network shows got their style

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