Different sized FILES ???

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Wolvster1, Apr 13, 2006.

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    ( If this is the wrong place to post, Mod's
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    Ok, I'm working on a project right now where
    I will be needing to make SMALL accurate holes
    in very thin Styrene.. Basically I know what would be
    perfect are some very small files . I'm talking from
    1/32nd up thru 1/8th inch.. I need ROUND and SQUARE
    and RECTANGLE.. I have looked all over Home Depot
    and Lowes and no one carries TINY files ?

    Any help guy's as to where someplace might sell a
    group of different shaped and sized files THAT small ?

    THANKS... :D
  2. Rebo

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    Needle filesI know its Ebay, but have a look anyway..

    I work in metric, so I am unsure of the correct sizes your after..

    DARTH SABER Master Member

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    Art supply stores and Radio Shack have micro files (usually a set of like 5 or 6).

    Radio Shack also carry micro drill sets which is a manual drill pen with a set of like 6 tiny drill bits .

  4. GuinnessNM

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    I'm surprised that you could not find any at Home Depot. Tha's where I found mine. I concur that needle files are your best bet. A search for "needle file kit" will bring up a bunch.
  5. Vycanthus

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    Rio Grande of Albuquerque Jewelers Supply
  6. propninja

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    Try Lowe's
  7. Scotophor

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    Needle files, yes, but you might have difficulty going down to 1/32 inch in any shape other than round with any needle files I've ever seen, unless Micro-Mark or a jeweler's supply place has some truly tiny needle files, or you can carve (such as with a finely-pointed hobby knife blade) instead of file. For round holes, you can get drill bits in the numbered series with very small increments between sizes.

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