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Finally finished my Keaton Batman for my prop room. I’ve had several setbacks with this project (remember the boot fiasco?) but I feel I’m at the point that I can call this done.
A couple of notes. The boots. Real Nikes per the ones used in the movie. Because I wasn’t able to secure a proper set of boots,these are permanently fixed to the mannequin. The faceplate, painted and installed glass eyes by myself. The only thing missing is a pair of gloves, but because of how the cape drapes you can’t see his arms. I’m hoping in the near future I can secure the gloves so I can at least drape his cape over his shoulders (at least one). The belt is the new NECA costume belt.
I think he looks pretty good but I see him through rose colored glasses. Please offer opinions on how I can improve on this project.


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He looks REALLY, REALLY good. The face can really make or break something like this, and he looks exactly like Keaton to me. I love the cape draped over the front...far more imposing.

In the full-body photo, it seems like maybe the cape is shorter? It may not be canon, but for "presence" aspects, I might consider going just about all the way to the floor.

No suggestions other than that! Amazing!
Thank you, gentlemen!
I know these are nowhere near accurate but I put my X-wing pilot leather gloves on him as a placeholder. I just wanted to see how it would look with gloves.


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In general it looks good. The legs bothered me until I realized you used a mannequin that was too tall. If you change out the legs to be Keaton height, I think you will have nailed it.

If memory serves, Keaton was 6'1" in costume measuring to the tips of the ears.
I totally agree. If I can find an option to shorten the legs I’m on it.

Yeah, if the legs could be shortened that would help. Overall, the entire thing looks absolutely incredible!

The only thing that I noticed (and I think this is just me) is to me, the overall cowl looks a little slimmer than what was used in the movie (around where Keaton's actual ears would be under it. It looked to me that the cowl slightly bulged in that area.

Anyways, I don't mean to sound like I'm nitpicking here; you have a really awesome setup there, and getting the gauntlets would complete that! I really like what you have here!!
Looks awesome. And I agree with the above comment. Most Keaton busts do not include the ears, but when putting on the cowl, it looks off if there isn't that bulge where the ears are. It's one of the things that create the Keaton silhouette. Maybe fake it with bubble wrap or something or cut-out pieces of cloth to simulate the ear shapes?
From the Bat-symbol up it looks incredible. The face & expression look great.

The torso and legs look a bit slim. Particularly the legs.

The length relationship between the cape & legs looks too Adam West. Of course in the movie they used different cape sizes depending on the shot. And several different men wore Batsuits. So it's debatable what the perfect proportions are.
I’m aware that several stuntmen wore different sized capes. A walking cape, a running cape, a standing cape and a flying cape. This is more of the running cape. I’m in the process of working on the standing cape. I’ve also figured out a temp glove setup.
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