Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza Bearer Bond


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Howdy Folks:

In the recent Prop Store memorabilia auction catalog was a single-sided Nakatomi Plaza bearer bond scan with 3/4 of an inch cropped off the bottom. For the sheer sport of it, I dropped that scan in Photoshop to see if I could rebuild the missing 3/4-inch and make it suitable for printing. As you'll see below, I believe I've succeeded. However, before posting the effort, I checked for duplicate posts in the forum and looked up the rules on publishing currency replicas and, for convenient reference, here they are:
1) The size should be at least 3/4 or 1 1/2 times the original currency's size. (The auction catalog stated the dimensions as 9.5 x 15; mine is 22.5 x 14.25... Check.)
2) The color fidelity can't be a perfect match. Check.
3) The paper texture can't match the polyester/cotton stock on which real money is printed. Well... check.
4) The fake currency's graphics must be slightly altered from the original. Check.
5) The fake currency must be labelled some version of "Not Legal Tender" or Replica." Check.
6) The fake currency must be single-sided and/or front and back printed on separate pages. Check.

The good news: This file should be safe to share with you!
The bad news: The original file's dimensions are 6825 × 4350 -- too large to post in the forum. The largest I can share with you here without providing an outside link to Dropbox etc. is 3413 x 2175. Still, I hope you find it useful enough to suit whatever non-criminal intentions you may have for it. Enjoy...


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That's awesome. I love how they have the president of 20th Century Fox at the time listed as Secretary of the Treasury.
That's awesome. I love how they have the president of 20th Century Fox at the time listed as Secretary of the Treasury.
Howdy Reckoner:

I'm glad you like what you see; I had a lot of fun putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. I suppose using the Fox studio president as the treasurer would be a propos of his role as clutcher of the purse strings... thanks for writing!
Great job, I have a file of the reverse side which I have to dig out, it is no where as detailed as your version. If I post it are you able to give it your special touch to match the front face?

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