die hard

  1. AlanCottonwood

    Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza Bearer Bond

    Howdy Folks: In the recent Prop Store memorabilia auction catalog was a single-sided Nakatomi Plaza bearer bond scan with 3/4 of an inch cropped off the bottom. For the sheer sport of it, I dropped that scan in Photoshop to see if I could rebuild the missing 3/4-inch and make it suitable for...
  2. onderon

    The Andrew (Andy) G. Vajna collection auction

    Hi Everyone! I'm not sure many of you know that Andrew G. Vajna passed away this year. He was the producer for many classic movies like Rambo I-II-III, Die Hard, Judge Dredd among a few. His widow has organized an auction of Andy's personal memorabilia. Part of the income will go as a charity...
  3. Craftynathan

    Die Hard Nakatomi Vault Box

    Hi there, I have been building a die hard set of props and recently got my hands on bearer bonds made by the great hans67. Major kudos for his great work !! Now I want to display these bonds in a bad ass way, so I want to build a Nakatomi themed vault box with the bonds inside...
  4. Volksfrei

    Interest Die Hard Detonator Replica (1988)

    Hi everyone! About two years ago I posted pics of my Die Hard (1988) Detonator replica. I spent a long time sourcing accurate material, and they were received pretty well on the forum by some members. I'd love to offer them for sale to the RPF community, and would like to gauge interest. This...
  5. YoureTheDocDoc

    John McClane's ID wallet from Die Hard With A Vengeance.

    In Oct 2014 I was lucky enough to be in London when The Propstore were displaying several items that were going up for auction. One of the items that caught my eye (as something I could try to replicate) was John McClane's ID wallet from Die Hard With A Vengeance. So far I've managed to find a...
  6. Mike J.

    Unlimited Run Pacific Courier Shirts from Die Hard (Non-Canon)

    Hans & his buddies arrive in a dark green truck labeled "Pacific Courier." Though they wear no uniforms, I've recreated the logo for shirts & such. Here's the catch: at TeePublic, the dark green is only available in the long-sleeve tee and sweater. Otherwise, you have your choice of black or a...