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Hey everyone! I've started (slowly) a Warlock build and need some advice.
-->In regards to the cloak/tunic/robes, what material would be best if I'm going for a heavier-feeling, almost canvas feel? Also, the inner quilting. Is that just the foam stuffing with a fabric sewn in the diamond pattern?
-->Does anyone know how to make it appear as though I have a vortex grenade/ nova bomb? Or would that just be a sphere with bunch of purple LEDs? haha
-->What's the preferred material for armor like the gauntlets and other accessories? How about for a belt/strapping system?

Any help would be great! Thanks!
Bump just in case :) I bought 6 yards of bull denim (i think thats what it was) and a 1.5 yards of a grey vinyl as a trim for the Warlock robes. If anyone wants pics I'd be happy to share :)
I found a small sphere made of clear plastic at hobby Lobby. I imagine you could use that, paint the outside and add some purple/pink led's inside to make it glow. i saw someone else on here use a styrofoam ball that diffused the light nicely.

I am also working on a Warlock build. Ill help with what I can, just message me!
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