Despicable Me


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Made this for my kids today and thought I would share it with the group.




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That is so cool. My wife loves the movie. When she saw this ID she came up with a small back story to explain the different photos.

Apparently Dave was so excited at getting the bomb transporters job he couldn't contain his joy and punched the air just as the photo was taken, This necessitated another photo be taken after he had calmed down. This annoyed Phil who was behind the camera as it was past his coffee break time. :)


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Saw the new movie and I have to say I still prefer the first one. Better villain (Vector) and better story. Can't wait to see new DM2 stuff on the forum.


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Im planning to do the One Big Unicorn-book. I started my project with HD screencaps but the amount of work was insane to get high quality pictures from the pages of the book.

I made some Google search and I ended up on website. Artist website who had done the artwork for the book. I decided to send e-mail. I ended up getting high res artwork. Whole One Big Unicorn book in HIRES! He really made my day better. I would love to share the files but I get those only for personal use and studio has all rights. So unfortunately I cant share the files. But I will share my end result after the book is ready.

Im also planning to make alligator sofa to my living room. And shrink ray gun is also on the do list!


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Thanks for intrest towards my piece of Unicorn book. Unfortunately I cant share or sell it. I got the pictures for my own use only. First i tried to make it true with screenshots and handwork but I managed to get original hires images and studio owns all rights for those.

If I would done it as first planned then maybe I could make a small run for it. But now with current situation I do not want to jeopardize the reputation of prop replica makers/my own. Hope you understand.
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