(Desolate's) Halo FlameThrower


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Hello everyone i have started a new project that i intend on getting done in just a matter of a few weeks for dcon. here is all that i have and on this post i am only four days into creation..








let me know what you think i know it isnt exactly accurate but i am trying to keep the weight in the 25 to 30 pound range. not like my turret that is 40 pounds



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well i am going to CV thursday and the following week i will be back on this HOT project Ready to Burn

let me know what you guys think(y)thumbsdown


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thanks everyone...

i dont know what i am going to be doing next year as far as huge guns go.. i guess there is still the missle pod, fusion rod cannon, and gause cannon.. haha.. we will see as time progresses

Here are some shots after i sprayed it with black so i could tell in one color what still needs to be done..





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Wow. Everytime I see your name on a thread I know something amazingly cool is one click away. You never dissapoint. Your flamethrower is coming along beautifully. Keep up the great work.


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Thanks guys i really thought that more people would like this build here on therpf.com but its all good people have there own tastes and halo just happens to be mine.. i am glad that you guys like my work i really put a lot of thought and time into it..
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