Defined Green Lantern Comic Rings

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...and now a little in-universe ring history. Any data corrections are welcome.

When Green Lantern Abin Sur crash-landed on Earth and sustained fatal injuries, he commanded his power ring to find a worthy successor. It chose test pilot Hal Jordan. Accepting the responsibility thrust upon him, Jordan wore Abin Sur’s ring and became the Green Lantern of space sector 2814 (SHOWCASE # 22).


Jordan wore Abin Sur’s (V1-style) ring for several years, until the Guardians of Universe recalled the Green Lantern Corps to planet Oa to provide them with new and improved power rings (GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW # 90). The new ring had all of the memories and data from Abin Sur’s ring ported into it (or perhaps the “new” ring was even reconstructed from the old ring), including the alien wizard, Myrwhydden, who had been imprisoned by Abin Sur in his ring, years prior (ADVENTURE COMICS # 460).


Jordan wore this V3-style ring (which later morphed into the more familiar V2) until he decided to quit being Green Lantern. The ring was then given to backup GL John Stewart (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 2 # 181-182, 185). At the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the dying Tomar Re, Green Lantern of sector 2813, passed his ring to John Stewart so that Hal Jordan could get his own back (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 2 # 198, with the captions mistakenly describing Hal’s ring as the one given to him by Abin Sur, and the art depicting it as a V3).


Jordan continued to wear his old V2-style ring in action as Green Lantern, even after the disbanding of the Corps and the destruction of the central power battery (GREEN LANTERN CORPS # 224), which left only Jordan, Guy Gardner, and Ch’p’s rings functioning. However, Jordan’s ring was soon after destroyed in combat with Lord Malvolio, a half-human madman who’d murdered his own father (an alien Green Lantern) and stolen his ring (ACTION COMICS WEEKLY # 634). Jordan seemingly killed Malvolio and took his ring in order to return home to Earth. Malvolio’s ring was a V1-style (which Jordan took note of at the time), but his “death” was actually a ruse, and his master plan hinged upon Jordan to taking his ring, for purposes unknown. This plot thread was never followed up on, but, in the wake of “Emerald Twilight”, many longtime readers assumed that Malvolio’s ring was perhaps responsible for Jordan going mad and destroying the Corps.


Jordan subsequently wore Malvolio’s ring throughout the slow rebuilding of the Corps, but then Coast City was destroyed. Jordan went mad with grief, and sought to take the Guardians’ power in order to recreate his lost hometown (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 3 # 48-50). After absorbing the power of the central battery and becoming the villain called Parallax, Jordan contemptuously destroyed his old ring, but the pieces were recovered by Ganthet, the last surviving Guardian, and reformed into a new (V2-style) ring. This reformed ring was presented to artist Kyle Rayner, who became the last of the Green Lanterns.


Years later, when Earth was menaced by the fear entity called Parallax, Green Arrow revealed that Jordan had given him a spare (V1-style) ring, in case of emergency. By this time, Jordan had died saving the Earth, and had now been resurrected and revealed to have been corrupted by the Parallax entity, resulting in the events of “Emerald Twilight”. The restored Jordan took possession of the spare ring, and resumed his role as Green Lantern (GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH # 1-6).


...and then a bunch of other wacky stuff happened. And I guess Jordan created a new ring for himself out of pure willpower. And Geoff Johns rewrote a bunch of the GL lore to include a ridiculous “emotional spectrum” of Lantern corps and other such poppycock completely at odds with the established lore. Since my sweet spot is the original canon from 1959-1994, the modern era is pretty much a blindspot, for me.
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Gym teacher Guy Gardner was also selected by Abin Sur’s ring as identically worthy to Hal Jordan, but, since Jordan was geographically closer to Abin Sur’s crash site, Jordan was chosen to become the new Green Lantern. Gardner was subsequently chosen to be Jordan’s backup in case of injury or incapacitation (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 2, # 59).

Eventually, Gardner got his chance to fill in for Jordan (using a V3-style ring like Jordan’s), whose power ring was seemingly malfunctioning. However, it was actually Jordan’s power battery that was defective, and it exploded in Gardner’s face, propelling him into the Phantom Zone. The explosion (and Gardner’s torture at the hands of General Zod and Sinestro) left him brain-damaged and in a vegetative state (GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW # 116, 122-124).


Years later, Gardner was restored by a faction of Guardians during the Crisis on Infinite Earths to combat the Anti-Monitor. He was given a (V2-style) ring, but his brain-damage left him unstable and arrogant (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 2 # 195). During this period he joined the new Justice League (later Justice League International and Justice League America), and was one of only four Green Lanterns with functional rings following the disbanding of the Corps.


However, after Hal Jordan had completed his task of recruiting new Lanterns during the slow rebuilding of the Corps, he and Gardner got into a fistfight over the assignment as GL of sector 2814. Jordan won, and Gardner surrendered his ring and left the Corps (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 3 # 25, drawn as a V3 in this particular story).


Powerless, Gardner set out to acquire the yellow Qwardian power ring of the deceased Sinestro (GUY GARDNER REBORN # 3). Armed with the yellow ring, Gardner became a free agent and a superhero once again.


Some time later, Hal Jordan—now the villainous Parallax—destroyed the yellow ring during a battle on Oa (GUY GARDNER: WARRIOR # 21).


Years later, when the Parallax entity threatened Earth, a spare power ring of Jordan’s, given to Green Arrow, created a duplicate of itself (but a V2-style instead of its own V1-style) and Gardner again became a Green Lantern (GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH # 2).

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After Guy Gardner was injured, architect John Stewart was chosen to be Hal Jordan’s backup. For his training, he was supplied with the then-standard V1-style ring (GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW # 87).


Over the next few years, Stewart would occasionally be called to action as Jordan’s backup (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA # 110, with Jordan’s ring, drawn as a V1, GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW # 94-95, with a V3, and GREEN LANTERN Vol. 2 # 164-165, drawn with a V1).


When Jordan decided to quit the Corps, Stewart was given the full-time Green Lantern job (along with Jordan’s V2-style ring, GREEN LANTERN Vol. 2 # 182, 185). At the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the dying Tomar Re passed his (V3-style, but subsequently drawn as a V2) ring to Stewart so that Jordan could get his own ring back (GREEN LANTERN Vol 2 # 198).


Stewart used this ring up through the disbanding of the Corps (GREEN LANTERN CORPS # 224), then went back to Earth to live a normal life. However, his wife, Katma Tui, was murdered by Star Sapphire, and Stewart was framed for both her and Sapphire’s deaths (a faked death, in Sapphire’s case). Stewart briefly took possession of the imprisoned Jordan’s ring during this time (ACTION COMICS WEEKLY # 601-606). Jordan then offered Stewart his own ring back (which had been left behind on Oa after the fall of the Corps, retrieved by former Guardian Appa Ali Apsa, and powered with energy from Jordan’s ring, THE GREEN LANTERN SPECIAL # 1). Initially reluctant, Stewart eventually reclaimed his ring, and subsequently used it during Darkseid’s quest for the Anti-Life Equation, but accidentally caused the destruction of planet Xanshi (COSMIC ODYSSEY # 1-4).


After being captured by the now-mad Appa Ali Apsa, Stewart was assigned by the Guardians to help relations between the numerous alien cities that Apsa had brought to Oa and stitched into a “mosaic” of alien cultures (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 3 # 1-8, 14-17, GREEN LANTERN: MOSAIC # 1-18). During this period, his ring was depicted fairly consistently as a V3.


Eventually, Stewart was revealed to been chosen by the Guardians to ascend to a power level approaching their own. Stewart, um...ate his ring...and became the “Master Builder” (GREEN LANTERN: MOSAIC # 18).


However, shortly thereafter, Jordan went mad and destroyed both the Guardians and the central power battery, depriving Stewart of his new power. Stewart subsequently joined the galactic peacekeeping force known as the Darkstars, but ended up crippled, although he was later restored by a remorseful Jordan (DARKSTARS # 24, PARALLAX: EMERALD NIGHT # 1).

Later, Stewart was presented with a power ring by Kyle Rayner, who had been chosen to become the last of the Green Lanterns, and Stewart resumed his role as a GL (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 3 # 155-156). This ring was a duplicate of Jordan’s old V1-style ring (though later drawn as a V2, and then as a V1 from REBIRTH-on), and was given to Rayner by a time-displaced, younger version of Jordan, from a point during his early career (GREEN LANTERN Vol. 3 # 106).

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After weeks and weeks of frustrating work, I think I finally have something which reasonably approximates the Mark Bright design. By far the most difficult one to get right. Still tweaking, but I finally got something that looks proportionately correct, should fit properly, and has the thin band which blends into the symbol-bowl. Man, what a pain this one is.


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After even more tinkering, I’ve come up with a model I feel confident in having printed. Just placed the order. We’ll see how it turns out. If this one works, then I can worry about modifying it into that three-piece, two-tone design.



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After doing some research, it appears that Shapeways’ printed aluminum does not lend itself to anodizing, which throws a wrench in my plans. I may have to experiment with the metal test ring I had printed to see if this is really the case.

I’m now starting to look into options for traditional, machined aluminum which can be anodized. Any suggestions for reliable online services/machinists would be appreciated. Or perhaps even someone here who would be capable of doing a small batch of these for me.


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Got the shipping notice for the next batch of plastic test rings. Still looking into machining services for the metal rings. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Experimenting with a sphere-based ring variant for the V1. In regards to the Silver Age/Gil Kane design, I tend to prefer the V1 I’ve already designed, with a parallel (cylinder-based) ring band on the y-axis sitting perpendicular to the symbol-disc on the x-axis.

That being said, many of the Silver age, Kane-drawn stories also featured a ring-band which flared out where it attached to the symbol disc. Neal Adams also tended to go with that style, although he just as often drew what more closely resembled a proper signet ring, akin to the Mark Bright version.

In terms of the classic Kane ring, both band styles are prominent. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up settling on something more like this version.



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And here’s one I’ve been meaning to do for weeks—Mike Grell’s original V3 design, which appeared from GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW # 90-95. This initial design was more complex, with the sidebars being distinctly separate from the central sphere (which was more conical in shape, and had a flat bevel surrounding the center gem). After a few issues, Grell simply began drawing the face of the ring to resemble the GL symbol, and Alex Saviuk subsequently stuck with this look and refined it.

The artwork varies— sometimes it looks like the sides of the sidebars blend into the central band (as on the 2011 movie ring), and sometimes they maintain their thickness all the way around to form a tri-band look, as with the proper V3 that I’ve already modeled. I went with the latter look.

I may well have to print this version, too, just for the coolness factor.

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More tweaking on the Grell ring. I’m very pleased with it, now. Made the sidebars shorter and thinner, and gave the ring a squatter and more compact look, which is a better match for the reference.


New version is on the right.


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