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I was wondering if anybody ever made a costume of this? Cous I havn't find any for the moment.
Its a fairly easy costume nonetheless badass even tho his character isn't very bright. I find this movie highly underrated and wondered if you guys felt the same? I can't believe it just didn't catched alot of attention.


Its not the kinda hero movie you would expect. And not to be compared with hero movies of hero's that don't have powers (see Kickass).
Go see it lolz :p

I'm actually thinking of making an acurate cosplay of this. With the camera on his helmet, VCR backpack and trenchclub.
I was considering it, but I figured I didnt have time with all my current projects.

I do love the D on his chest though. Ductape!
Gonna sum some parts up here

I already found the exact helmet used in the movie.
Pic in bright light of it, notice the same edge patern.

Ignore the ad-on of the straps. If you look at thier selling page it has the exact same straps.

or look at this, same pic

Some normal average size ducktape for the logo and wrists.


I'm searching to find the producst that are originally used as the suit so more to come ;)
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