Decals sheet update for 2020

Studio Kitbash

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Just opened mine today -- they are perfect and beautiful and amazing in every way. And with a magnifier, quite funny.

Thanks again for doing these - a great help and service to us all.


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Hi gang - decals are HALF OFF until July 1st. I am going to cease selling these outside of North America as of July 1st, as the EU VAT rules are changing and it's a giant mess. Since your shipping is usually the cost of the decals, I would send a free sheet to lessen the sting. So now I'm just halving the price and you can buy one or more or whatever!

So - Those outside the US, now's your chance, and those inside the US, here's a temporary deal!



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Just got mine thanks moffeaton they look great. Gonna use a bunch on my not screen specific DaveG Y Wing which will be fun. I do have a TIE Advance Hero TIE and red five to use these on. Thanks again I’m very pleased with quality/price/speed of delivery.

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