Decals sheet update for 2020


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While your work is very nice, you know people are going to react this way. It’s a little like the public pronouncements of pm’ing ‘secret reference’. I love seeing the art people create keep posting it. Maybe lead with ‘personal work not for sale to the masses’. As an artist I understand the disappointment of not being given kudos. As a working artist I deal with nothing but more, better, faster all day and back again, that’s pretty standard. Also, I don’t think anyone was asking for handouts, seemed to me more ,take my money than ‘gimme gimme’.


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Decal sheet goes to the printer soon - expect these to be available in about a month. Don't ask me to keep a list with your name because that is crazy talk from crazy people. Price is not locked down yet either - but it's 8 colors silkscreened with a 9th clear screen for the carrier (represented in magenta on the right). These are pro razor sharp waterslide decals made in the USA, no dot screens, no need to worry about flimsy tearing, and no need to cut each decal out. I WILL HAVE A LINK TO ETSY so you can buy one! ☝️

Every thing is studio scale so 1/24th. PLEASE DON'T ASK WHY I DID NOT THINK OF YOUR MODEL WITH YOUR PREFERRED SCALE. Just making what I know I need... sorry it doesn't jive with whatever you are using/prefer. Honest!

X-Wing, all the ANH pilot helmets, EVERY Y-WING, The TIE, Vader's TIE, and the escape pod again since I know there are a lot of builds of that going on.


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