Deagostini Falcon. Anyone seen this?


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I decided that any modification to the frame isn't worth it if you were thinking of going that route, unless you intend to completely seal it up with no interior. At least if you just trim back the locating pins on the side walls will get them to sit back in by a further millimeter.

I did some scale comparison between the bandai 1/72 and the deago and by super imposing the images over each other in photoshop and aligning the docking rings the side walls also line up to each other but the saucer plating on the bandai over hangs the deago's by about 8mm all around. Problem is though if you increase the saucer plating diameter the vector flaps on the rear engine deck don't stick out far enough on the deago to look right. So that would be problematic but would still look better as far as getting it to look like the 5' Falcon than having the characteristic shallow side wall recess of the 32".


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I never found how anyone else did it, but here is my approach.

I've collected many extra issues along the way, so I have extra parts, screws, etc. to experiment with.

My first test was using the longer, fine thread screws used to connect the rib sections and to attach the mandibles to attach the side frame parts on the INSIDE of the tabs, instead of outside. I also backed it up with a nut.


I attached the side frames all the way around with no issue, The only structural mod at this point was to grind back about .5mm from the end of a couple of the ribs to make room for the nuts.

I gained about 4mm in depth.


I still have to pull out the rest of the side panel parts and test fit them all. The first two I've tested worked fine.

I still need to remove the 'lip' around the edge,

The only other mod I may have to make is to shorten the outer most vertical edges of each side panel to compensate the circumference change, but it’s not much.

I have yet to see what's going to happen where the sides meet the mandibles and cockpit tube.

I found these parts on Shapeways to help finish the edge. DeAgo Millennium Falcon sheets for side panels mod by bluevoice on Shapeways

I also 3D printed some magnet clips to help attach the panels, sans glue.

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Further testing. Still looks workable.

The 3D printed edge trim will be in Monday. I'll determine any final adjustments then.

As David3 mentioned, I could gain up to another 1mm by trimming back the mounting pegs on the side panels.



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Oh wow! That must be nerve wracking distorting the edges. Did you use a heat source for this?
Yes, I used something called an SMD Rework Station.

It's a mini heat gun used for desoldering surface mounted components from circuit boards (I think). It can go up to 480c and has various tips for directing the adjustable air flow.


I've been upgrading any damage to the level of the Hero prop.

I realize the 32 inch prop did not have those 'dings', but the 5 footer does.


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The Heat "gun" is a cool tool. With a mini attachments. I have the Dremel VersaFlame But it doesn't have a small attachment that that can be use for a small dent. Thanks for the tip. And nice work.


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To be clear, the last photos were just examples of the damage 'upgrade' I referred to.

I did not use the heat gun for those details. Most of that was with a Dremel.

I only used the heat gun on the bent edges.


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I finally have the entire kit (still waiting for the missing parts 100a issue). I have run through all the Paks and verified that it all appears to be there; but I have not opened up every plastic bag and inventoried the contents against the parts list in the magazines (I only did that for the ones that had tears in the bags due to shipping).

My question: Has anyone found a part missing if the issue appeared to be complete and well sealed? Do I need to inventory every little part to be sure?

It will almost certainly be a couple years before I get released by life to enjoy building this thing. Now, while they are still making it, would be the time to make sure it’s all there.

Thanks in advance.


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I’d take an inventory just to be sure, though nothing was missing from my issues there were broken pieces ( some exterior piping parts iirc ) they were replaced free of charge.
Unfortunately the Engine strips which were both faulty ( non working LEDs ) didn’t get replaced due to the run having ended (in Aus) by the time I noticed/got around to them for the build - ended up using my own stronger ones anyway.



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The only missing part I had was a sticker for the inside of one of the gunner stations.

I also had a bent frame section.

DeAgo replaced both issues, free of charge.


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Thanks for the intel. I did look specifically (and pretty hard) for any broken pieces; as well as could be done with those inconvenient paper inserts they put in the bags. Nothing broken or bent was visible.

But, I think I’ll invest in a 100 drawer parts organizer or something so I can take everything out of the bags and really go through them and store them nicely for the day. If anyone has done this and has a suggestion as to what to get and from where... thanks will be in advance.