Deadshot and Captain Boomerang (NYCC 2015)


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Hey in order to keep myself focused on making sure I do not procrastinate on my brothers Deathstroke costume...I figured I'd also post up my current progress of 2 costumes I'll be wearing at the years New York Comic Con. So I'm going with a kinda custom/hybrid take on Deadshot just like I'm doing for the other costume, while my take on Capt. Boomerang will look it bit more like the New 52 Suicide Squad version.

20150606_231401.jpg Captain_Boomerang[1].png

So as you can see I drew my own version of Deadshot, pretty simple, and I'll be sporting 2 different style wrist guns just to make it "my own".....I've already made one wrist gun already, so when I make the other I'll post up the progress I make on it...but heres what I came up with so far...


It should look awesome when I finally get around to painting pray for me that I dont screw :)
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