Deadpool bodysuit material help/suggestions


Hi all,

I am looking to attempt a Deadpool costume based on a forum members design for the template, but not using the conventional method of dye-sub and spandex/lycra.

In order to achieve a physical hexagon look and feel to the bodysuit like you see printed on the spidey bodysuits, I am going to print the Deadpool template and use that to cut out stretch mesh fabric in black and crimson.

Any thoughts or suggestions regarding fabrics, linings, experience with such materials and feasibility of the task at hand would be awesome.

I will upload some samples of fabric i have found thus far, apologies for the website watermark but they are the best example pictures to explain with.


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I wish you good luck with your build... To my simple costuming knowledge and quick Google search, I have yet to see a nice Deadpool costume. I am interested in doing one down the line... you can use all kinds of fabrics for your build.... Any chances of showing us some pics of the suit you wanna do?? Sideshow is going to release a nice Deadpool figure in October.....
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