Deadmau5 5-Ball head


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Hey guys, just joined the forums to give ya some updates on the mau5 head!!!.

I started using a hamster ball, for the shape' n ' stuff, and made the ears out of the foam.

As of now the ears are sanded and covered in bondo, and a part of the face is but I ran out of bondo so I need to buy some more lmfao.

Here's a update pic.


What do you guys think so far?


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looks good so far...but why 5ball? are you planning to cover it in orange fabric?

I doubt he is, If he bondo'd it, He's gonna plan to smoothen the WHOLE thing out and then paint it yellow, and add the White circle w/ the 5 and what not, It's to make it look plastic or w/e instead of it looking furry from the fabric.

That's just my thought. I might be wrong.


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yeah, fabric, paint, whatever :lol
but that's what i meant, shall it look like a pool 5ball? otherwise i don't get the title


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Head is fully sanded, just gotta spray paint for the next couple of days, and I should be done by the weekend.


What does everybody think so far?


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Head is finished.

I just have to touch up the eyes, and add the 5-ball to the back of course aha.
I thought it came out pretty good for my first project on anything prop/costume related.


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