Unlimited Run Darth Ugly Vader helmet - ANH / ESB / ROTJ


are you still taking orders for the helmets? i m interested




ANH (this helmet DOES come with a C scar on the cheek, but for some reason the only pics I had did not show it. I'll update with new pics when I get a chance)

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If you are unfamiliar with the cause behind this project, take a look at the original interest thread here http://www.therpf.com/f13/darth-ugly-esb-rotj-darth-vader-helmet-144241/

Essentially, a rip-off falsely advertised crappy helmet from an eBay has been completely resculpted and turned into something great. And to celebrate that fact, a portion of the sale price of each helmet goes to help a fellow Star Wars fan with disabilities who often struggles to make ends meet. So not only are you getting a nice helmet, you get a nice warm glow from helping someone out. (Disclaimer: Warming glow is not a physical product that arrives with the helmet. Think of it as your inner light saber!)

These are FULL helmet orders only (painted or kit). We do not part out the domes and masks. Darth Ugly was sculpted and optimized to be an artistic whole to achieve specific proportions and elegance. But given the various sizes and shapes of so many masks in the fandom, an Ugly dome paired with the wrong mask can look less than stellar, and an Ugly mask under a different make of dome might look terrible. Please don't ask, because I hate saying no to people. I will though. I'll just feel bad about it.


CSMacLaren, a.k.a. "Mac" is the contributing sculptor and can answer questions on the helmets creation, but has nothing to do with the process of making and selling the helmets. He has been kind enough to simply donate his time and effort sculpting the helmets to the project.

I'm bookface, the prop maker of the project. I mould Mac's helmet masters, do the fibreglass casting, assembly, painting etc. Any questions regarding ordering a helmet should be sent my way. I don't check this thread all that often, so please use PM!


I will only take a limited number of orders at a time. At all costs I want to avoid situations where someone has paid for a helmet and ends up waiting months or even years for it. As such I will only take an order from someone if I feel like I can fill that order and ship the helmet out within 4-6 weeks. If I don't feel like I can do that, I will ask if you're OK with me putting your name on a waiting list until I feel ready to take an order from you. Absolutely no money will change hands until I'm ready to take an order. Please state when you contact me which variant you are interested in.


A finished helmet will be just that, finished, ready to display. Each one will be numbered on the inside, and will include straps for those who want to wear it as part of a costume. Padding of any kind is not included. That was considered, but eventually decided against because of individual preferences for what people want to put in there to make it comfortable. If you DO want to troop with it, the weight is worth mentioning, as it weighs in at 1.4kg, or 3lbs. Obviously any additions in the form of padding, fans, voice changers will add to this, but it's a pretty light weight helmet.

Price for a finished helmet: $465 plus shipping. Shipping to the USA is $75 (though I will need post/zip codes to confirm this as all the shippers have extra charges if they class your location as remote). Europe is $40 (Eastern Europe may be extra). UK is $19.

Price for an unfinished helmet: $350 plus shipping (shipping costs as above). Included with an unfinished helmet kit is the helmet (obviously), a dome mounting system pre-installed to remove the hassle of getting the dome on right, lenses (pre-shaped and bubbled and in a light brown tint similar to the originals), wire mesh grills for the mouth and chin vent, and a pair of resin tusks.

Shipping is via UPS, as they are the cheapest I've found. If you would prefer a different shipper (I know some people hate UPS with a passion) then that can be arranged but there will be an additional cost for it.


Mac writes "The overall look we are trying to achieve is more on the prop accuracy side of the spectrum. Darth Ugly will appeal to costumers, but bear in mind that many Vader helmets over the years were hyper sanded and uber finished, and although that automotive finish may look great, we chose to emulate the lived-in look that Lucas specified for the production. How you approach that grittiness is not so much sloppy workmanship but planned, intentional emulation. For ANH, handbrushing the texture as seen in the Tantive IV scene is truly important, whereas in ESB, although glossy by comparison, the screen used ESB had some "orange peeling" texture. This may be a turnoff or shock to people that the on-screen props are not as perfect as they'd imagine."


Darth Ugly should be considered as an entry level helmet. In years gone by there have been very few options for people who didn't have $800 to drop on a helmet, and so if you are just getting into collecting or costuming and want a decent Vader helmet, Darth Ugly will hopefully fill that niche. It's fine for trooping or display. However if you wanted something a little more screen accurate, then please consider Quasimodo, my new, higher end Vader helmet. It is a totally different sculpt to Darth Ugly with added details that weren't practical to include at the lower price point here.


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what are the chances of getting a finished rtj Quasimodo all finished and ready to go. what would the cost be shipped to the uk?


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Yes, I'm still making them. Best to PM me for info, I don't check this thread that often.