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    Hi there, I hope your doing well during these most challenging times here in the UK. I have only recently have come across your work on and wow just wow absolutely amazing, I’m wondering are you still offering the Vader ESB helmet and armour I’m guessing the list is at an arms length lol but that’s okay with me as I’m happy to wait as I'm currently paying off my all replica Ringwraith costume.
    Hi, I was wondering how you got on with making Guthwine? im interested in a prop version for International Hobbit day at Hobbiton in New Zealand.
    I have a problem with a person, I know that he bought a helmet and armor esb I paid him € 1200 for it. I would like to know what he is paying you. And what product did you send? He promised me a Quasimodo version. And I have to know what economic difference there is.
    Hi, is the Darth Ugly helmet run still open? I’m interested in a finished ROTJ shipped rob New York
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Find my stuff here - Vader helmets Darth Ugly & Quasimodo and Structurally Matching Vader armour