Darkside Story - A Star Wars Parody


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So for the past two and half weeks, I've taken the time to remaster this old fan film friends and I worked on, starting in 2002 for the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. Long story short, the project got to big, especially with just 3 of us doing all the post production (all roommates), so we missed the deadline....and then the next year, we missed it again.
The first year, you could have a full 30 min short film, so we aimed for 20 mins. Got it to that point, and the next year, the rules changed to only 15 mins.

So while we were trying to make it, we cut out 5 mins to get it down to 15.
But with one friend getting married in 2003, us all moving and going our own ways living, working full time, we finally finished by summer 2004, but never added that 5 mins back in....sadly.

Production was a bit messy, post was even more messy. Friendships broken. For a long time, I felt it was pretty cringy.
But now with taking the time to remaster it, which was very tricky, as the original was captured at like 240i....maybe 360i.
Anyways, we made a whole making video, which I also remastered. Cut down as much as I could, but still ended up with a 50 min runtime. Someone might still enjoy seeing all the stuff we went through back in the day.

So wanted to share what I've spent over two years of my life slaving over and hope everyone can enjoy it for what it is......a silly Star Wars parody.
Still have all the tapes we recorded on.
I didn't even want to look at the footage, as the original recordings will look so much better than the final stuff.
Anyways, now that this is all finished...now off to my next project.
Another model with a cool twist.

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