Dark Helmet, WIP


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Just got Gorgot3000's helmet and suit parts in the mail!
I am amazed by it. He did such an amazing job on it. I highly recommed picking one up from him.
He was also awesome to deal with. I can't give him enough kudos.

On with the pics.
I don't have any of the suits parts yet, but it won't be long.



I knew it, i'm surrounded by ********! ;)

Looks great man! How do you plan to display it?

well for now a styrofoam head on a post. after the suit is complete i have a mannequin i will put it on.

all kudos belong to Gorgot at this point.
I'm glad to see you love it :)

btw I've made the cape yesterday , I try in the same time to complete this costume for Montreal Comic con in September ( 3 weeks ) I'll post some pictures of the rest of my costume in my WIP Dark Helmet costume soon as possible between making Helmets ..lol

Can't wait to see what you gonna do for the rest of this costume !!!!

All the best

Please tell me you're 5'6"...... Just watched this movie the other day and couldn't believe I actually "LOL'd" a few times! KILLER helmet, brother.
i am exactly 5'6". i think Moranis is 5'4". so not too bad.

"Say goodbye to your two best friends, and I don't mean your pals in the Winnebago."
well i got the studs in the mail today. i think i went too small for the gloves and shoulders. these should work for the collar though.

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