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  1. Carnet

    Spaceball 1

    So, has anyone attempted this? I sat down for a viewing of Spaceballs at Dragon Con this weekend and was wondering if there were any kits out there...the SS model has to be huge. What about Lone Star's Winnebago?
  2. sctcarts

    SPACEBALLS Dark Helmet and Col. Sandurz

    Just wanted to share so photos of my Dark Helmet costume, and my friend's Col. Sandurz. We brought them out this past weekend at StarFest 2017 in Denver. A run-down of parts: The Dark Helmet was a kit from DarkMatter props, finished by me. The belt buckles are cast from a screen used piece...
  3. dan1


    Hello, I'm doing a Lone Star costume from Spaceballs for Farpoint Con in a few weeks. Can anyone think of any props I would need/could use, thanks!
  4. Spaceballs


    Spaceballs the movie
  5. MoeSizzlac

    Spaceballs Dark Helmet

    Springboarding off of a Halo costume I was thinking about a great halloween costume character to create and wear at parties. Weighing the pros and cons of a bunch of costumes (including buzz lightyear and the predator) I decided to settle on an old favorite movie of mine from childhood...
  6. brandomack

    Interest SPACEBALLS, THE TOILET PAPER! (The Dark Helmet Roll)

    If there is enough interest, i would have these professionally printed. Price would be $15 USD per roll plus shipping INTEREST LIST kevin926
  7. zenix

    Unlimited Run Dark Helmet's ring from Spaceballs - Lonestar's Schwartz ring and pendant too!

    Happy Star Wars day y'all! As you may or may not know, I've been offering Lonestar's ring and pendant for a while now, and wanted to round out the set with Dark Helmet's Schwartz ring. Here's the plastic prototype! I've got the master on order and it'll be here next week! Here's a render of...
  8. LoTone

    Need Help with Sci-Fi Family Feud Poll Questions for Game Show

    Hey guys and gals, I host a YouTube channel and later this year we are having a Sci-Fi themed Family Feud battle. Toughest part, getting 100 legit poll question answers! Daunting task! I have come here for your help...I believe I am among the world of awesome nerds, yes? :) Here is the link to...
  9. xdmray

    xdmray's son's 2015 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    WHO MADE THAT MAN A GUNNER!?!?!? So i am going to be Dark Helmet and I was able to talk my wife into doing Princess Vespa. So naturally had to make my son a spaceball. He is 2 1/2 which presents it's own problems when making a costume. Something light and comfortable that he won't...
  10. sharamordinae

    Spaceballs Dot Matrix build

    Thought I would share my spaceballs dot matrix build since everyone seemed to love it at starwars celebration this year. Build pictures coming up in a bit
  11. XLAutomation

    Spaceballs Dark Helmet Replica Creation

    Hi All; This is my first post. As part of an adult campout for boy scouts, our patrol theme is "Space Balls". As the engineer in the group, I was tasked with creating the helmet and mask of Lord Helmet. Browsing through all of the awesome posts here, I came across some various versions, the...
  12. xdmray

    Dark Helmet - Spaceballs

    Well I finally finished this after a couple years of it being on the back burner. Thanks to Gorgot3000 for the fantastic helmet, ring and other plastic parts. The rest was done by me. "And what'a we got on this thing? A Cuisinart?"
  13. zenix

    Unlimited Run Spaceballs props! Schwartz ring and Lonestar's necklace pendant

    The schwartz rings are made to order, but I do have a small stock of medallions. The rings are $95 and the medallions ard just $27 The medallions are cast in antique bronze. The ones seen in the first pic below are without a patina and eventually tarnish, which is why I ship them with a...
  14. F

    Spaceballs costume for Dragon Con

    Hi guys! i've been putting together some assets for my Spaceballs uniform for Dragon Con. I first put it together for Rick Baker's halloween party this past year, and want to get as many people wearing this in Atlanta as possible. only 2 things i am missing in this (as far as i can tell)- the...
  15. K

    SpaceBalls - Dark Helmet full costume build.

    Hi, this thread is an overview to one of my current builds that was used at comic con 2013 The person that commissioned me was a good friend. Ironically we ended up becoming friends over his costume. He has been cosplaying dark helmet for a while and its by far one of my favorite cosplays...
  16. xdmray

    Dark Helmet, WIP

    Just got Gorgot3000's helmet and suit parts in the mail! I am amazed by it. He did such an amazing job on it. I highly recommed picking one up from him. He was also awesome to deal with. I can't give him enough kudos. On with the pics. I don't have any of the suits parts yet, but it...

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