Daredevil Creel vs Murdock Poster


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Hello all,
Now that im out of the shadows, might as well share my work.

Many people were saying that they wanted a poster of the Creel vs Murdock poster that marvel leaked a while back. so here it is. the image should print for 8x10 and mbe 13x19. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Enjoy :)
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Thank you. I never knew I wanted this until right now. I will plot this tomorrow and hang in my basement. looking at a screenshot from the show that I attached it is hard to tell what the proper size is, but looks to be about 18-20 inches tall by nearly 30" wide?


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average promotional poster size is 18x24 or 16x20. there are prints available for sale thru redbubble, but if you want to print the poster yourself, i can send a larger jpg, just let me know what size your printing so i can scale the image accordingly. i havnt tried printing it larger thn 8x10, but its a vector file so any size would work.
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