Daily Prophet Writing Project - can anyone help?


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Hello Potterheads, new here!

I am working on a project to write (or extract from the books) full English text for articles seen in the Daily Prophet, and incorporate it into the many beautiful pages I have seen on this forum and others. I will then figure out how to print them with the look and feel of the newspapers seen in the movies.

A snap from my proof-of-concept appears below. It isn't perfect--I chose a font for the text that one can actually read, and the justification is giving me fits--but I think it will give the effect I want. For this page, I started with J.K. Rowling's text and wrote more to fill up all the lorem ipsum. I think it will be fun to think up a story to go with some of the wacky headlines.

I'm not a graphic artist and I am mostly interested in the writing aspect, so I'm wondering...where have all the pages gone? I found one place where I was able to by a few pages for a reasonable price. But it seems like there used to be many beautiful, high resolution pages posted here that have since been deleted.

Just as a note, if I succeed in this project, I have no plans to sell the issues I create. It will be a fan fiction project only. Also, I am not looking for Adobe files with editable text layers (that sentence alone stretched my feeble knowledge to the breaking point). What I have done is insert a .JPG as a page a background in Microsoft Word, and overlay text boxes. That is the easiest for me, with my limited skills.

Can anyone help / advise where I can find pages? I need at least 200 DPI resolution and an all-white background.

If not, thanks for reading! I've so enjoyed looking at all the beautiful art here.


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