Daily Prophet need help!


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Hi all i was working on some Daily Prophets, i ve have made two full content from HP and the Order of the Phoenix and another from HP and the Deathly Hallows pt 1.
Now i m' with the HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but there is a little detail that i can't find anywhere. It's an H decorative capital letter. If anybody can help me I'll be very greatful! thanks :)

This are my finished Prophets
608489-2345da6aa9af4e0a7591ed5d45f37336.jpg 608488-e1e082d101eddd47669cf99f60751df0.jpg 608490-e1af67f03c49abd7809273846160b1ac.jpg 608491-326ced72c5045baade3fcd36e1d134a9.jpg 608492-3a22a8adb31625be973fe257c788ac82.jpg

And this is what i'm looking for
608494-50a096140e07ec97070f60463bb68dbf.png 608493-8b2fcd0d4dbf5499d07553bc749fa7e0.png
If anybody can help me I'll be very greatful! thanks :)



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I'm sorry if that offended you but I'm referring to this page. 5472a874-130c-437c-8a60-534fb4041cb6-jpg.jpg

It looks very different on the original prop (references weren't really and still aren't available to the general public) and resembles the replica page he did a few years back. DP Page

If they are indeed yours, nice job on the text work!!


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I make it using a reference video of a minalima interview i found in youtube, but there is just a corner of page that the video does not show really well, (the corner under the Minister Fudge photo, on the photo u post) so i used his page as reference to fill the blank space, my imagination its not really good.
s.jpg This are all the pages i recreated.
Using this Video and some screen caps, harry potter books and a lot of images as reference