Custom Batsuit - based on Batman v Superman


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**************************UPDATE - FINISHED!!! :D************************************
Pics from the test fit of the finished suit below.

Build pack complete suit 03.jpg Build pack complete suit 07.jpg
Build pack complete suit 04.jpg Build pack complete suit 01.jpg
Build pack complete suit 06.jpg Build pack complete suit 05.jpg


Hello mates!!!!

I always had the wish to make a batsuit with a more "comic book" approach, and when the first image of Affleck in his batsuit debuted, I decided to make something similar. Afflecks's costume seems to be heavily based on Frank Miller's Dark Knight, with a bit of New 52. So, I decided to follow these general guidelines: gray suit / gauntlets with "organic look" / black utility belt / no underpants over the batsuit

This is what I have so far (gauntlets, belt and batsymbol were plastidipped in black to have the same finishing):

Build Pack suit 01.jpg Build Pack suit 06.jpg DSC01621.JPG Build Pack suit 07.jpg

The grey batsuit

I bought some dark gray corrugated grosgrain fabric. A local seamstress did a splendid job making one jumpsuit, with ziper on the back. I have total mobility and it is very comfortable inside.


At first, I tried to make something similar to batfleck's gauntlets with EVA foam, by freehand, and the result didn't look any good. I decided to go with a sculpting (oil clay) and cast with latex. I started with an improvised lifecast of my forearms. After casting, I glued elastic band on the wrists.
Urethane rubber is out of question unfortunately, once I live in a place they don't have good quality.

DSC00001.JPG Almost finished DSC00086.JPGFinished

Build Pack forearm 03.jpgFirst pull with test fit

Build Pack forearm 05.jpg Finished with latex painting. I thought it was too shiny, and covered with black plastidip after these pics. Much better with plastidip!!!

Utility belt

It is all EVA. I made it freehand from scratch, but instead of using pockets identical to the Affleck's belt, I used functional ones. It has room enough to put documents, cards and a lot of things inside. The pockets have regular pressure buttons, which were installed in a leather goods shop. Finished with black plastidip only.



Deciding the size of the Batsymbol was one of the most difficult parts. After done, I cut it on EVA foam. I made a little cut on the back of the symbol and inserted a fin stripe of EVA into it, in order to bend the symbol a bitwhen glued. It was plastidipped and then glued on the suit.


Boots, gloves and cape

Boots are regular biker boots, custom made. Gloves are regular motocross gloves. Cape was made by the same skilled seamstress who made my jumpsuit.


I couldn't decide yet.... I found a pepakura pattern (for foam) on a facebook group, and used it for making a cowl. However, I had to make freehand adaptations, because the chin is DAMN HUGE!!!! It doesn't matter how much I scale that file, some measure always goes off..... If I scale down, my nose comes out the mask. If I scale up, the chin is excessively huge..... And the cowl is floating on my shoulders. I will try make some more freehand adaptations, but I have no hope it will work.
Build pack EVA cowl 01.jpg This pic may looks nice, but don't be fooled....

After this, I decided to make a bust (oil clay again, work in progress).

View attachment Build pack cowl 01.jpg

That's it for now, thanks for looking!!!!
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Thank you so much guys!!!!! I'll post updates for sure.

The cowl sculpt (it's now on finishing stage) takes more time than I expected. I took some days of my vacation to work full time on it, but now my vacations are over, and this turn the process even more slow :cry.

I think that the responsibles for this dark look are the dark gray suit and the black plastidip over the other parts. For the gauntlets, I dyed the latex in black before pouring it in the mold, and sprayed black plastidip after curing. For the belt, I used black EVA foam recovered with plastidip. No primer!

Thanks again! :lol
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Finally, finished the jacket of the mold today. I made it of fiberglass. I thought it would be a "piece of cake", but I had unexpected problems during the process, and I made a lot of mistakes which had to be corrected before to go on. I like to use plaster jackets because they are cheaper and easier, but I would like something more permanent and lightweight to this mold.

Next days: silicone mold! I just ordered a batch, and I am anxious to make it!
WOW! Love this man. I understand about your cowl, I have a bucket head so finding the right size is difficult for me as well. I feel your pain. Looks outstanding, I love the bat symbol for the chest, and your foam work is spot on man. Can't wait to see your finished product.
I'm so excited!!! I could make some progress in the last weeks!!! I had some problems here and there, but in a general sense, I think the silicone mold (despite some minor flaws) came out great.

Build pack cowl 03.jpg After some smoothing...

Build pack cowl 02.jpgBase for the fiberglass jacket...

Build pack cowl 04.jpg ...and the two part mold
I was working on a plaster mold this last week, in order to replicate the bust in latex (as I stated above, urethane rubber in not an option for now).

The two-part plaster mold was coming out just fine. I removed the front piece, and it was OK. When I was going to remove the back piece, I got so excited that I was not cautious and applied to much force, and I broken the mold in 4 parts.

I almost sat down and cried. Almost.

I knew, on that moment, that I should redo my matrix and make a new plaster mold. To be sure that all of this would be a worthy effort, I decided to join that broken pieces, work on them to let with the best possible appearance, and try to make a raw pull, for test fit purposes.

The pics you can see below are from this messed attempt. For something destined to be thrown away, I'm quite happy, and I decided to apply on extra effort doing one more mold.

Build pack cowl 05.jpgFresh out from the mold. I was holding the nose to not asphyxiate
DSC02102.JPG Finishing the messed piece the best I could
Build pack cowl 06.jpg Test fit #1. Shoulder from the cowl not touching my shoulder. Time to trim!
Build pack cowl 07.jpg Test fit #2, with cape. It seems this is the way to go.
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Nah man thats cool haha, it's awesome to see so much foam and it not looking like it at all! You should try adding the white eyes, that would make this suit even cooler

Hahahaha, thanks man!!!! It means a lot, and thank you for the tip!!!! By the way, the only foam parts there are the batsymbol and belt. I've been building up through exercises these last months, but unfortunately fabric bridges across the muscle's creases, and I don't have time enough to build a convincing muscle suit :)
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