Custom 1/6 Figures and Dio's


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Hi All

I have been a lurker around here for a long time and decided it was about time I started posting some of my work.

Alot of you might have already seen my work but for those that haven't enjoy and you can see more customs and models at my site and comments always welcomed.

Hi All

Thanks for all the kind words guys/gals, I'm just completeing a small 3-3/4" Tatooine dio then staring on a 1/6 40k Marine and will WIP when I start that.

Hi All

I completed these two Marines about 2weeks ago and thought I would share them with you.

After I received my armour from a good mate and put it together I didn't want to do one of the normal chapters that are out there and after watching the movie EAGLE I decided to go with the 9TH LEGION.
I thought that a Roman/Marine style armour would be a great way to go, and also giving the armour a more rustic colour scheme it would add more to the feel and look of Roman armour. After the armour was all put together it was painted and weathered using Vallejo, GW paints and pastels.

Armour - The armour and grenades are all resin and needed just minor sanding to get it to fit correctly. The tubing is from other figures and kits from the bits box, the right shoulder armour design was built up using plasti-card and laurel stickers and a 28mm shield.
The helmet, chest plate, right/left knee guard and left leg have had laurel stickers and parts from some LOTR action figures also 28mm shields and 1/6th badges used. The chest straps are 1/6th modern day belts cut and glued into place, the waist belt is from the Hasbro Jango figure.
The front and back skirts are pieces of old hanky and the leather strips have been cut and glued inplace and the studs are 1/6 buttons. The studs all over the suit are also 1/6 and the purity seals are again strips of old hanky and the seals themselves are putty with three 1/6 buckles and the other is again putty with a 1/72 idle wheel pushed into it.







After I completed my first Space Marine I got stuck straight into my second one and I had to do one of my favourites the Space Wolves. This marine is a Grey Hunters Marine and I decided to give him a really good battle feel to him by giving him plenty of scraps and knocks.
When I was happy with the way he was going to look I painted him using GW, Vallejo paints and weathered using Vallejo paints and pastels.

Armour - The armour, bolt pistol and grenades are again from my good mate and needed very minor sanding. The additional tubes, chest plate/straps, extra bullets and bolts are pieces of 1/6th and 1/35th from the bits box.

The shoulder pad emblems were done by printing out the design on paper then cutting them out. Once cut out I then traced them onto thin cardboard and then cut that out and glued them to the shoulder pads.

The small skulls are from some Warhammer and Warhammer 40k parts which have been cut and placed on the armour. The bone trickets and runes are done from a 1/6th plastic skeleton and the rune stone is a piece of marine foam cut to shape and a symbol cut into it.

The fur pelt is a piece of imitation fur from the craft shop which has been washed and drybrushed to get the grey affect. The purity seals have been done using putty and 1/35th parts with and old hanky cut out for the ribbons.

Power Sword - The sword has been made from a hilt from a 1/6 timeline figure the blade is plasti-card which has been cut and shaped.
The skulls are again from Warhammer and Warhammer 40k parts and the bone trickets are from a 1/6th plastic skeleton and the rune stone is a piece of marine foam cut to shape and a symbol cut into it.

Bolt Pistol - The pistol is resin and came with the kit I just added a sling and some small parts from 1/6th and 1/35th parts. And again the bone trickets and rune stone have been done the same as the Power Swords.

Knife & Sheath - The knife's handle is from a 1/6th German Bayonet and the blade and hand guard are made plasti-card. The sheath is made from some old leather.








I love the finish on those.
are those the armor sculpts from Dorgmal Snow and (I think) crimson bob on sideshowcollectors?

amazing work. :thumbsup
Hi All

streetjudge79 - Thanks mate and the armour is made by Dorgmal Snow over on SideShow.

PepiloJones - Cheers mate and really glad you liked the Indy and Trek figs and dios as well.

d_jedi1 - Thanks Buddy and yes they are.

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