Current NASA flight suit replication (2021 version)

That's fantastic. Now that this is done, have you given any more thoughts on the goggle lenses?
Nice feeling when you can put effort into a project and get a great result!
Woooo Hooooo! BIG NEWS!!!!!


Good morning, it is done.

NASA Meatball (Official)


Anyone who wants the “real” meatballs, as delivered to NASA when they order them, now you can get them!

I ordered two more for myself already! And an 8” back patch (I may make up a lab coat for work, similar to what I had at a previous employer.
Awesome - thanks for your persistence - just ordered a few!
The green ones for the ski googles. I sent you the blanks.
Yes I have them and have made a couple now. I found a pair with both the tinted (brown!) lens as well as the yellow one.

But I have not yet sold any of the lenses I’ve made, no.

Next week I’ll stop over and see if the flight suit is ready. I had her convert some BDU pants into shorts for me so those will be ready. She quoted two weeks since she has to re-stitch all the seams I had to open to get the stripes off…

I’d be keen to see the other flight suits/jackets/whatever you all are using your patches on!
I saw that listing yesterday on AB Emblems and I thought it must have been because of you. Guess I was right!

Interesting fact for future references: the suits I have are from Greenbrier Industries, who was the NASA contractor for suits in early 1990s. However, they were brought out by G&B afterwards. But there are still a lot of those suits in surplus stores that are running for a lot lower than the current G&B quote.
That’s interesting!

You can see the G&B black tags on the breast pocket seam of the current astronauts. And, although a bit pricey for a mil-spec full Nomex suit, the construction quality is absolutely top notch. After what I went through to get the stripes off my suit, I know they’re bomb-proof. Well worth the asking price, unless you can find your size used or surplus.
And it looks like it will be three weeks for my suit to be done. I stopped in this week assuming the shorts would be done and nothing is done. I was told shorts next week and the suit the following week.

I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait (seamstress has an engineering degree) but, you know, I’m not good at waiting.
Got my patches after a slight glitch in the order. A-B Emblem quickly sent the patches I ordered through expedited shipping - and let me keep the ones sent in error - and to my surprise, added a keychain! And yes the keychain is embroidered on both sides. I am definitely going back for a few spare NASA patches this week.


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Yeah, they messed mine up too. I got a pair of the small meatballs, with the white border and the wing staying inside the border... Same deal; keep those and the correct ones are on their way. I was told that due to the "USA" meatballs being new, and (internally) they refer to the white border patches as "the meatball" and the others as "The vector" it apparently caused confusion.

(I also got a big back patch to do a lab coat later; China made but seems fine to me)

At least they are good about it, when they make an error.

I gave away two of my original China meatballs to co-workers here.
And I got my correct meatballs, as well as a key tag! I thought that was nice of them- they certainly didn't need to do that.

Got my shorts, but no flight suit yet. Probably another two weeks...
Looks similar to the one I got, with the obvious change from shuttle to dragon.

I’d like to find a shuttle with the embroidered field like the real one…

It sucks becsuse the one I bought shows an embroidered field but that’s not what I got. Naturally, radio silence when I asked about it.
Back from Florida and got the patches in the mail. Ah well.

Didn’t get a full body pic from KSC as it is a bit too hot but would definitely come again in the future.
It was ridiculously hot and I commend astronauts for wearing it in this Florida weather. I was wearing it like a jacket with the legs tied around my waist. It did get cold enough at night for the launch for it to not get hot. Since they sell the cotton version at the exchange I’m sure most people thought it’s just one of those. I didn’t put on the full version since my colleague from KSC advised me not to (but my center didn’t care that much obviously).
Yes, Nomex is definitely warmer than cotton.

If you want the jacket, I have the (confirmed) details on that on the first page. I’m considering it myself. Should be plenty warm for most cold days.

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