Current NASA flight suit replication (2021 version)

Something I forgot to mention before: if you wear it outside for a long period of time (say, a few years because you're volunteering at a science museum), the blue color will be sun bleached! That's why my second photo looks a little darker than the correct color.
Yeah, my suit is used and slightly faded. But not too bad fortunately, as I had to remove those stripes and it was not faded at all under them.
Yeah, they messed mine up too. I got a pair of the small meatballs, with the white border and the wing staying inside the border... Same deal; keep those and the correct ones are on their way. I was told that due to the "USA" meatballs being new, and (internally) they refer to the white border patches as "the meatball" and the others as "The vector" it apparently caused confusion.

(I also got a big back patch to do a lab coat later; China made but seems fine to me)

At least they are good about it, when they make an error.

I gave away two of my original China meatballs to co-workers here.
I just also received the wrong meatballs. A huge bummer as these took several months to arrive. :(

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