Limited Run Crystal Skull 1:1 - LIMITED EDITION - OPEN LIST!!


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I’m comparing skulls, here and there? View attachment 1506996 View attachment 1506997
Hello, I think that when a collector decides to compare 2 different props must have them in his own hands. About the skull that joe310blk is comparing, he forgets to say that this skull is sold on Etsy for $1785 and in the first it started for $2500. I don't want to talk about the sculpting, I don't know what the 2 compared skulls is the worst one. I want to add that it seems the other skull weights a ton! Also, in the description it is written that it is filled with iridescent pearl swirls of pink and blue. I'm sorry but all produced skulls from the movie haven't inside pearls. The iridescent effect was made with a special resin colour and plastic wrapping. We didn't make the skulls in rose/gray resin with special sheet wrapping because I repeat that our skull is taken from another source. I also want to say to all people I hardly work to complete the other skulls and I am shipping them every week. Unfortunately I have a delay because this is not a skull casted in one time and filled with pearls like the one that has been compared. This is a prop that requires 24 hours to be completely built considering a layer of clear paint ,used for protection, that needs its time to be dry. This prop is making me really crazy.

Thanks, Mike


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It's okay to compare. Competition is a healthy motivator. I am not buying the competitor's product because my loyalty is here. Money was a big factor. Does anyone know what number completed we are up to?


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Another time! Compare means have got the two props and show them, for example with a simple light under them and see the FX lights emmission. So a skull filled of pearls doesn't permit to the light goes through all skull surface.The other fact is capture picture of the skulls closed to one of each other.
So it is not right to compare without be the owner of these two skulls.

And to be clear Mr.Vaderdarth will receive his skull in the 20020!

Hopsss, I made a mistake Vaderdarth will be served very soon :))))
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Hello to everyone! I have a skull I completely built up but when it was finished I noticed that in the left rear side the thickness was too small. When this squared centimeter is pushed it results flexible. Now, if there is someone, that is in the list, that wants it (even if the skull has this little anomaly) at the first one that will write on the thread this skull will be shipped on next Monday. If I will hear no interest on it in the next 3 days I will sell it in other places to save the costs. I attach you a video so there will be no mistakes about what you will receive.




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Here's how mine looks in my display:

20211223_152133 v2.jpg



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Any updates on when the rest will ship? So curious where mine is in the queue.
Hi, another time, it is annoying that I am saying the same things every time.
1) when it's your turn I will contact you.
2) I think it's Christmas for me and my family too even if I have to say that I am continuing to work also in this period to go on with the skulls.
3)as I precedently said, I am alone, alooone, aloooone to finish and build these skulls
4) there is covid19 that changed all my plans. I am doing everything possible to find all appropriated and high quality resins to finish the run of this gorgeous skull project.
As the most of people on RPF know, I am an honest person,I always give my word of honour to finish a run even if my gain will be ZERO. If you can't believe in my words, ask to Pasquale, I made with him the most Indiana Jones productions and I always be in touch, I always went to the end of all runs we did. Now, I ask only that you help me and be patient so at the end all people will get his skull.
Thanks, Mike

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