Limited Run Crystal Skull 1:1 - LIMITED EDITION - OPEN LIST!!


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Crystal Skull 1:1 Scale Limited Edition



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I don't have the place to display a piece like this, but I'm very interested to see the final result!


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Hi guys, peter74 asked me to help him and reply if possible to questions and much more, as I followed him in this project and I am try to help him that this becomes real... Because he works very ard more than 8-10 hours per day. I know him and he made a really amazing sculpting, also he invented new technics to softening the sculpting line to obtain a shine surface so that casting will be fantastic. I know that is difficult imagine the final results of an hollow skull, but I am sure that the final results wil be what a collector would like to add in your collection. I am helping him with this project and I think that he will be able to show obtain a casted skull in about two month or so, this project needs money and the firm that will realize the casting is very expensive. anyway I really want to thanks everyone for your support.I am personally working on the electronics with lights and on the maya calendar base, probably we will be able to show the results on it before have the crystal skull done.


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Hi guys!
Today I'm here to show you the prop that was in my mind the day after I saw "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". When I saw the movie for the first time, I thought: "I want to make it!" As you know, there were other skull replicas made during the past years. I always dreamed to have a crystal skull but in my mind I always imaginated it made in my way. Last year I talked with a good friend Michele of mine and I said him my wish to sculpt my own crystal skull. He supported me. I said him that I had not so much time to sculpt because I work 8 hours per day so I would't have had the time to sculpt a so big and difficult prop. His reply was really simple and smart: "work hard 30 minutes per day and in a year or so I am sure that you'll do your crystal skull" So, I did it! (Naturally I spent more than 30 minutes per day and my wife was not so happy so, at least, I hope you like my creation :) )
What you see in the images is my personal sculpting that took me 2 months of movie frames analysis plus a carefully examination of images of the official prop plus the replicas ones. Then I started my sculpting day by day and after about a year this is the result.
Now I'm here to understand the interest about this prop.
It will be made by a professional firm that will make a special transparent casting resin and the skull will be hollow with special reflecting plastic layers. As you can see, the skull will have a special stand that will hang it over a Maya calendar stone (the idea of the Maya calendar stone was given to me from the scene where all crystall skulls were collected; as you can see from the images I attached, the actors walking on a big maya calendar's floor). Also, I thought to white led lights that will illuminate the skull and the stone Maya base. The leds will be activated with a pressure of the central face of the stone. The skull will be removable from the stand. Just to be honest, this won't be a cheap prop. As you can understand, this is a big "thing" and it will require a lot of work to be made and the firm that will realize it asks a lot of money. This is a thread just to understand if this projet will go on.
The selling price will be $1200,00 plus shipping.
So, I just am here for your consideration.

View attachment 815958

View attachment 815962

View attachment 815960

View attachment 815961

View attachment 815963

I would like to see the final result. Good luck!


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Following with great interest!
How does this compare to the screen used one?? Did You make any measurements?

The sculpt looks really fine!




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First of all thanks a lot for your support! I really want the Crystal Skull on my personal collection, so as I usually did for all my props, you will see the final result as soon as possible. As I said Michelle is collaborating with me and I asked to him because he has a loong experience as prop maker. We are saving money for accurated professional casting, this is a big prop and need properly machine to be made.We have to make a solid hollow prototype, shine and perfect in every details before deliver it to the firm that will produce the casting. I thought to made a limited edition of 99 Crystal Skulls and they all will have a certification with number of production. About the questions of sources and measures to relize my "skull" I selected infos and based my sculpting on these ones:

Indiana Jones - Kingdom-103.jpg SKULL.jpg

So stay tuned because I can assure that this project will be done very soon


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Would be definitely interested and cannot wait to see the final result. Fantastic work so far !! :thumbsup

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