Crystal daft punk guy helmet


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Hey folks just wondering has anyone tried anything along these lines?
I did a quick attempt at a proof of concept, with some clear casting resin and my silicone mould - problem is it talks a few hours to set, and ends up with drips and areas of different thickness and the resin is susceptible to heat - and living in oz thats a little problem. In fact you can just about pick out the deformation at the back.

Any ideas on a better method/materials would be greatly appreciated.
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Awesome, Looks more like it was made from ice. Maybe Hydin could tell his buddy's at the crystal place to make on from real crystal.
Oh I'd thought id share an idea or two i had for my regular daft punk guy helmet

1- The Visor

I tried a couple of different tint processes but found that to achieve an adequate tint to give a black visor it was dulling the light bars pretty badly so i tried out a differential tint to the visor. darker in the middle and fading to the sides over the lights, but it didn't quite look right, so i masked off the sides well see below you'll get the idea.

View attachment 71699

View attachment 71700

It works pretty well the light bars are only 5-10mm away from the visor, and under normal lighting conditions the bars are still hidden by the tint until illuminated in sequence

View attachment 71701

Also the gold chrome paint looks alot better in real-life. I SWEAR :angel
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