daft punk

  1. Galifreyscall

    Getting a pure black visor with RIT dye?

    I'm working on finishing a Daft Punk Guy-Man helmet from Moguai props, and I'm at the point of dyeing the visor. I've seen that "black" RIT dye will actually come out a bit brownish-red on visors, but I remember seeing a thread on the late Daft Club forum that had a solution to this by adding an...
  2. Ned Figglehorn

    Daft Punk HAA Helmets Build

    I know I know, another Daft Punk helmet build log to add to these forums. There's lots of incredible builds on here already but I think it's time for me to join the ranks! I've been a huge fan of Daft Punk since 2007, I remember my 10 year old self watching low quality videos on YouTube of...
  3. fluentkopimist

    Rebuilding the archive of Daft Punk files after the fall of thedaftclub

    As many of you already know, daft punk announced their retirement from music this year, with that came the closing of thedaftclub which contained a nice community of makers, creating daft punk replica costumes. To the best of my knowledge there was a dropbox link containing all of their pepacura...
  4. Galifreyscall

    Help please! Wiring an 11x40 LED matrix for a Daft Punk helmet

    Hi all! I'm a huge fan of Daft Punk, and while searching for a new project to distract me from the 3 unfinished ones I have I settled on the robot's helmets, specifically Thomas'. I'm trying to make the electronics like the original, a programmable 11x40 3mm LED matrix. The problem arises when I...
  5. Jake Kassnoff

    Daft Punk Helmet

    Guy Manuel:
  6. N

    Guy Manuel Discovery Era Helmet Sculpt (PICS HEAVY)

    Hello all, I have started on tackling a daft punk helmet, Guy Manuel De Homen-Christo’s helmet. To be even more specific, which era of helmet? Discovery, Transition, Human after All, Tron, RAM??? The one that comes after RAM which is to be seen when they finish their next album. But it’s the...
  7. MR_Adrian

    3D Printed Daft Punk Helmet Replica (Guy)

    So I decided to embark on the journey of building my own daft punk helmet, and with the availability of 3D printing, it'd be a shame not to. The file I am using is from HERE. I just got an Alfawise U10 so I got everything printed out rather quickly, then I assembled the helmet. This is where I...
  8. C

    Daft Punk Starboy Portrait

    I'm looking for a picture frame that looks like the one from The Weekend Starboy music video.
  9. DaftPunker01

    Daft Punk Helmets Pepakura

    On this page is where I got the files to download the helmets, here below I leave the link: http://icutit.ca/j9H3mjVq
  10. D

    Starting my Daft Punk Guy Man build. With help from Sorenzo Props.

    It came in the mail today!!!I Just look at this beauty!! Thought I would include the box and how well its packaged. Thank you Thom! This cast is amazing. Time to get started! Woo hoo.
  11. A

    How to remove uncured Resin of hardened Resin

    Hello everyone! I just molded my first real Prop (Thomas Daft Punk Helmet), and on my 2nd casting it seems like somehow some uncured Resin dripped into the mold before the first slush-casting layer. Now I have a good looking Daft Punk Helmet with a thin layer of uncured Resin(Smooth-Cast 65D)...
  12. ScorpionTR

    Can you get a Mirror Chrome finish on a EVA Foam Daft Punk Thomas Helmet?

    What the title says. What sort of process I should undergo to get myself there?
  13. DaftSkunk

    Need help polishing chrome helmet

    So hi, I have a Daft Punk Thomas Bangalter Helmet. It's made out of urethane resin and I got it chromed at a car place, it usually got little smudges on it and finger prints due to me handling it and trying to fit in the foam for my head on the inside. I know you can just get rid of these by...
  14. M

    Daft Punk (2017 Grammys) - Starboy - I Feel It Coming

    Hey all!! I'm excited to share my recent collaboration cosplay for WonderCon 2017 (LToyCreations and Krakken Studios). The helmet were purchased as kits and everything else was made from scratch. I'll update this post with the main highlights of the build. The more detailed WIP will be at...
  15. A

    Buy vacuum pump for degassing chamber

    Hello there :) I want to buy a vacuum pump for a degassing chamber that I purchased a few days ago relatively cheap. It is a 17 L or 4.5 gallon degassing chamber which you can see right here: https://goo.gl/sh1Gyg (sorry for the German amazon link, that is where I live and I was...
  16. Sorenzo

    Limited Run Daft Punk Helmet Kits. All Versions Freshly Molded. LIMITED RUN

    Hello fellow RPFers This is an old offer, but I've just launched a new helmet version, so i thought i'd just update and extend this thread instead of starting a new one. All helmets available at the below listed price until the end of September 2017 I have been working on a series of Daft...
  17. drjag

    Guy Daft Punk Helmet for my End Of Year Show | Plus Some Extra Work

    For my End Of Year show and my final term of studying my extended BTEC diploma (before going off to university), our assignment is to produce any piece (or pieces) of work to present for a public and private exhibition that will be hosted near our college, that demonstrates your best abilities...
  18. S

    Started making stuff with foam! (Guy Manuel helmet + Iron Man MK8 helmet)

    Hey guys! I started making a couple of helmets. Thought it would be better to do them simultaneously so I can seal and paint them at the same time.
  19. TK9336

    Grammy Award Replica

    Hey guys, Long time since I've posted. Here's a little write up on a Grammy Award I made. I wish I had just made a cast and sent that to chrome first since there are small imperfections, and I am pretty sure I don't want to go through that much smoothing again! Basically its your simple...
  20. N

    Any good Visor Tutorials/Tips?

    Hi! I need some help on my Thomas Daft Punk Helmet build. I need some help figuring out how to build the visor for it. I've heard of using spare motorcycle visors but that route may be a little expensive for me. Do you guys know of any good ways to both make and tint a visor?
  21. K

    Advice Needed: Daft Punk build

    Hello guys, For a while now I've been in the process of building a set of RAM era Daft Punk helmets, and so far it's been great. However of late, as I'm approaching the final shaping and finish sanding for casting, I've hit a bit of a roadblock, to the point where all I seem to be doing is...
  22. TK9336

    Daft Punk | TIDAL | TK9336

    Hey all, I finished another version of Daft Punk for this year's Dragon*Con. I have a miles long thread that got lost in the Star Wars section of the boards that documents all my Daft Punk builds in one thread as they happen. I wanted to post a summarized thread for those interested. Remember...
  23. A

    Which Primer to use before creating silicon mold?

    Hello Community! In the following days i will do my first sillcion mold. I'm building a Daft Punk Helmet. but im not quite shure, which coat should be the last one... I want something like a primer that you can wet sanding on. And it should be avaiable in Europe/Germany. Something Volpin Props...
  24. A

    Daft Punk Thomas helmet NEED HELP

    Hello community! So I just bought a smooth-on smoothcast 65 R Thomas Daft Punk helmet(raw cast). I want to make some Helmets out of it, i know that RPF users hate recasting, but i want to make 3 Helmets for myself, and 2 for Friends. Than i bought Smooth-On's Rebound 25, silicone thinner, some...
  25. S

    Chroming questions

    Hey, guys, I have a few chroming questions. I noticed that Volpin got his Guy Manuel Daft Punk helmet chromed in silver, but somehow he made it turn out gold on his own. Any answers on that? Any cheap chroming services or DIY? Also, could you recommend any gold chrome spray paints (rattle...