Creating a .45 Scaled Tie Pilot Helmet

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Is there any information on how to combine a Riddell/MR Rebel Pilot Helmet with a Riddell/MR Stormtrooper Helmet to create a Tie Pilot Helmet?
It's not about kits.

It's about combining two mass produced MR/Riddell mini helmets into one helmet. A scaled replica of a prop helmet

There are threads about helmets in the prop forum

There are threads about scaled props (lightsabers and blasters and I can even remember discussions about the MR Mini Helmets)

There are even discussions of the off topic nature in the Prop Forum.

BUT in less the 3 minutes my thread about a Scaled Tie Pilot Helmet gets moved to some obscure forum about General Modeling??????
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I don't have any info about how to do it, but I would very much like to see it done.
I think a bit of scratch building would be needed though, for the ears and the mohawk..very do-able though I reckon..


I completed on a couple of years back . It stated as a small prop party project that was shelved until a rainy weekend.


I started with one of each, MR. X wing and Stormtrooper helmets. Pulled all the guts out of both and saved. You will also need the ear parts from a Riddell .45 football helmet.

The Stormtrooper comes apart into three sections. face plate,back and top crown? The Xwing is seemed down the center of the mohawk.

The fabrication was alot of filling gaps with plastic and filler. lot of wet sandinf to get it right.

I had to widen the Xing helmet to accept the faceplate and covered it with a plastic strip as seen on the Tie Pilot helmets.

The ears were fabricated for joining the two helmets.

The helmet is almost with final paint. I have to clear coat and find the decals. I will post pics of the final soon.
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The reason why this thread was moved to the general modeling forum is that it is about a scaled item, where the main forums are for lifesized props.

RPF staff
The reason why this thread was moved to the general modeling forum is that it is about a scaled item, where the main forums are for lifesized props.

RPF staff

So it's okay to discuss .45 scaled lightsabers and blasters, code 3 and EFX scaled models, 1/2 scaled busts, costumes and off topic subjects but a thread about a helmet lots of people would love to build gets moved to the General Modeling forum???

And less then 5 minutes after it was posted, do you guys get notified every time I post or what?

Ironically there where threads above and below my thread on the first page that should have been moved.

It bizarro world in here.

In fact, I just checked the first page and found these threads:


Off Topic (posted by a mod):

Oooh! A Wanted to Hire thread:

You better get busy ;)
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On making another, no for now. I just do not have the time. Im looking for pictures I took of the construction process.
Sorry for the poor picture quality. New camera. Helmet need wet sanding , clear coat and buffing. Still looking for imperial logos for top.


Any more progress on this scaled helmet? Riddell, MR, GG all promised the scaled helmet line and all failed.
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