Correllian frigate

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Cornishreaper, May 24, 2015.

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    Greetings all.
    This shall be my first post upon these forums after veiwing them vigorously for some time.

    My first question will be a sort of apology and a question.
    Firstly the apology, working from a mobile phone i dont seem to be avle to find the answer in after so if it already exists my apologies.
    But im after doing a large model out of a foam board core of the correlian frigate from starwars.
    Is there any abailable plans i could use at this current time please.
    I dont wish to make it exact as i wish to do a variant but plans would help speed this process.

    Thanks in advance and slap me if its right there and i havnt been able to find it.

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