Constantine Shotgun Shell


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The shotgun shell is a beauty, I actually wish they'd gone with the original design for the gun though, the one that looked like the various pieces used to construct it. Any leads on the Zippo lighter John had in the film?


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There's some on Ebay for around 90 bucks. Not accurate but still nice as far as lighters go. Just search "constantine prop".

Amish Trooper

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LeMarchand makes the most accurate but it has taken 4 years and the run isn't finished. There are cheap knockoffs from Kingtobacco which is where I ordered mine. I just went with the standard $32.99 version. Not bad and it is an official Zippo. Here is the link to the versions they offer.

Constantine Zippos


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That site has like 30 different types of Constantine Lighters. What's the difference between them all?

Jack Bauer

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Just went through my storage and found the shotgun shell. Someone once asked me to buy it. If you remember who you are, contact me. It's ready for you.