Conceptual retro-futuristic pilot helmet complete


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The evolution of fighter pilot hardware (or history, depending on your perspective), could take some interesting directions. This is the beauty of working with individual creativity, and we have the benefit of growing ideas into tangeables from the conceptual drawings of our clients. In this case we were given some free license, and incorporated some details from past and present in this retro-futuristic design.

The formed ABS faceplate is removable (as is the breathing hose, made to attach to a life support backpack). The red acrylic lense swivels up for plain sight.

The last image depicting the client's design clearly shows a unique take on flight head gear. A fighter pilot himself, we're not sure if this piece will ever fly the friendly skies, but we can dream.

Thanks for looking.


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It... is... interesting...

Why do the words "the Empire´s finest" get a whole new meaning in several ways when I look at that helmet ? ;)

Nice work and craftsmanship, although the neck protector sure prevents any attempt at supersonic flight :p



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Why do the words "the Empire´s finest" get a whole new meaning in several ways when I look at that helmet ? ;)

Because it is no surprise to see cross over between Prop Geeks and Gaming Geeks (like myself). Even if it didn't have the emblem for the Imperium of Man plastered on the top (it's tweaked, but still very recognizable), the helmet has a very 40K look to it.

I have to agree about the lip on the back. High points for style, but there needs to be a major deduction for practicality. The pilot is going to get his neck snapped by any high G maneuvers when that lip hits the back of the seat/head rest. This is definitly more retro than future in that reguard. I see it in a WWI style open cockpit.

The craftsmanship is beyond reproach. What an excellent finish.


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Looks great. Kind of has a Flash Gordon kind of thing going. If it was just red and gold. Flash.... Ahhhhhhhhh he'll save the universe.


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Thanks for the great comments, it's always fascinating to read what others see, especially in this community of visionaries. I agree that the piece is far more about styling in it's design, and that is not something we see too often in the real world counterparts where practicality is primary.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment on it, much appreciated.


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I dig it.

For some reason, when I look at that helmet, it reminds me of that Star Trek episode 'Bread and Circus' where the Roman guards, had these white motorcycle helmets with a gold eagle painted on.

Very interesting.


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Now that is pretty damn cool. In the first pic (which is a great photo BTW) I really see an Imperial pilot. But in the second pic I see a German type of influence. But in any event itÂ’s just very cool all around.