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  1. Eaglewood

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    Does anyone know where I can find the Jewel that was used in the Conan movie--The one large red one that was taken from the Snake God and he gave to Vallaria
    It is pretty goo sized and almost looks like red amber.

    Any ideas??

  2. RelicMaker

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  3. Eaglewood

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    Ahhh--you read my mind--that was on my list.....
  4. Wakal

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    If you would like one of those necklaces in resin as a reference for a machined metal project, I know where to find 'em :)

  5. Eaglewood

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    Juno--help me out here or Resin Goddess... Anyone who can help...

    can you do this one for me??

    Im looking for the jewel . I will get you some screen caps and email them to you.

    Machina Artium
  6. Kevin

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    Take a look at
    Eye of the Serpent

    There's a French guy goes by the name of OldTobby (I misread that as Toby a few times). I just won an eBay auction of his for the jade serpent amulet from Conan. It is gorgeous and cast from a translucent resin.

    If a couple of us want the Eye of the Serpent we might be able to persuade him to do a run.

    Don't forget to look at his other tiems. He also does the silver snake amulet cast in pewter. I already have a resin version I bought from somebody here, but I might be up for a metal one.

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