Completed - Planetside 2 Terran Republic Heavy Assault Drakon Armor


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My first armor cosplay done without pepakura, or 3D modeling. All shapes were free-handed by me based off of reference images in google and in-game. Out of boredom, I added some weathering to the lower part of the armor.
Materials used: Worbla, EVA foam, wood glue, modpodge, gesso(last 3 are primers)

So, what does a Heavy Assault class of the Terran Republic look like?
ha front.jpgha back.jpg

I don't have too many photos of the entire thing since half of them ended up in an SD card that I lost, however here are the ones I was able to salvage.

Unpainted and un-primed

Painting Process

Finished (photos from SOE Live 2014)
courtesy of
The joker and I switched rocket launchers.
That's really good! I also am trying to build a Heavy Assault co splay for the TR. It's really cool to see other people do this type of build and your creation is really helping me visualize how I am going to build my own. Again great job on the co-splay. "Loyalty until death!"
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