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Hey all. I've been searching this forum for a while and I'm impressed with everyone! I have a big problem and I'm hoping to get your help. I am attending the Motor City Comic Con this coming weekend and my Batman costume is pissing me off. I have my bat logo made of urethane and I'm attempting to attach it to a motorcycle jacket. I've tried a few different types of adhesive and I'm at a loss. I initially tried Loctite which failed completely. I had a better experience with contact cement, but I think the issue is that the urethane is SO SMOOTH on the attachment side, it just peels off. Again, the contact cement did better but when I wear the jacket, the ends peel back away from the form of my body. The jacket surface is a sort of mesh material over a fabric shell. Info here:

I finally tried gluing down some Con-tact shelf liner to the jacket which holds, but still the insignia peels up!

Anyone that can help me with ideas of how to secure this bat insignia would be of HUGE help. Thanks!


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I think the problem is that you are trying to glue it on while the jacket is on a flat surface, even though when you wear it the jacket will be fitted over a curved surface (your body).

Think of a stack of papers. You can evenly line up all the edges while they are sitting on a flat surface, but once you pick up the stack and flex it, the edges slide away from each other ever so slightly.

What is happening when you put on the jacket is the curve of your body is pulling the jacket away from the symbol. My advice would be to put the jacket on and then glue the symbol on where you want it. Or, if you don't trust yourself to glue it on perfectly while wearing it, enlist the help of a friend or mannequin (of comparable size) to wear the jacket while you glue on the symbol. Once it is glued, I advise keeping the jacket on a hanger, rather than resting it on a flat surface, in order to avoid the inverse of your problem (the jacket fabric trying to straighten out on the flat surface and pulling away from the center of your bat symbol).

Hope that helps!
Also, as far as adhesives go, you could try gorilla glue, though it foams up so you have to keep that in mind.

I'll see you at MCCC! I'll be Viking Batgirl on Saturday. What day are you planning to wear this?
I picked up some e6000 stuff and it seems to be doing well. I stuffed the jacket to give it more of a "torso" curve while it's drying. Thanks for the suggestion Vox. Mistymills I'll be there on Saturday sometime after 12pm when the chaos calms down a bit. Maybe I'll see you there.
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